Can I get a marriage reading, need some sound advice!

  • I am a Gemini, he is an Aries and we have had our share of problems with his meddling mother. I have told him that we need to move far away from her and that I feel that we need to move back to the US to live. He is born, april 10 and I am born May 28, what do you see happening for us within the next 4 to 8 weeks?

  • I think u need to read up on aries males. scavenger for info, google aries men. it helped me how to understand men per se.

    ok about the marriage he is torn i believe. he loves his mom and he loves u. u place him in a dilemma that aint easy. To me he feels like a lice between 2 nails. Urs and his momma´s.

    have u tried placing urself in his shoes? try it, u may become awakened.

    Start by suggeting he speaks to his mom about stop meddling. her way is good but there is more way than one.Demands and ultimatums NEVER work.

    Instead of demanding hands across chest tapping foot, eyes shooting fire and hissing what he need should ought to do, u should sit down and calming explain him how his moms meddling effects you. Then let he stew over it for a few days. men brew over problems and come to a solution in head. Accept that respect that. While he does so, try and thinj f a way to convey this to his mom if she happens t be there. tell her how it makes u feel. often when we overstep boundaries and we think we do good, helping, we are not aware we piss people off. N when no one tells us, how can we correct and change it?

    I dont belive moving away is the answer. I believe moving far away is ur wish more than his and ur kids. It seems to me u wish to flee rather than face this. Natural because its easy.

    HOWEVER it wont make the meddling problem go away. it will still linger and exist. I feel if you moved and ur man complied by ur demands and ultimatums he´d see negatively on u because u demanded he choose between 2 people he loves very very much.

    I hope this helped some.

    Good luck

  • Dear BenteStoker,

    While I appreciate the advice and I did gain understanding, I need to further elaborate.

    His mom is mentally unstable and is going as far as to hide things from me in my home with the goal of driving me crazy. I locked some personal papers; work contract etc with a padlock, she came into the house uninvited, broke the lock, moved everything around and relocked the bag with the same lock. She is vengeful in her efforts, she pays the conciege in our building to let her in, with the goal of stealing my personal items, she stole my work contract and credit report and credit cards, and she hides things in the house, that she has no use for that are important to me. In an effort to cause me emotional duress and confusion. If you are a card reader, she is a scorpio born 10-11-1951 and she really is mentally unstable. I have been removing pentagrams from my kitchen floor, salt piles, sheets of cloth that have been wiped with excrament, odd herbs and odd things like yogurt containers facing different angels with different herbs placed in the kitchen sink cabinet and things at the bottom of the sink. She always insists that my husband eat at her home and when he comes home after being at her house he returns in a trance-like state and is pure negative and unattached emotionally to me for sometimes up to a week. She tries to trick him and tells him that she lost her retirement benefits because she offered to use her name for his business vehicle; when he told me about this; I said he needed to read the documents, denying her benefits for himself to confirm; she told him, that she took care of it when he asked her if he could see the documents. She did all of this in an attempt to get him to give her money and when he conveys things to me, all I tell him is to ask her for proof all of the time for what she tells him or for what she claims. Really I understand the mom card; but for a women who sent him away to live with relatives as a young boy, sent him away to boarding school as a teen, he joined the navy from age 18 to 28 and lived at sea; then married me at age 28 to me; and that was 14 years ago. I understand, but this lady has always tried to evade motherhood and now that her son is a successful businessman and in the US a successful engineer, now she needs her son. Plus, a mother who truly has her son's interest at heart would not try to break-up his marriage and would not think so little of her son that she would succum to black magick to gain control of his home and his finances. Loving your children is not controling them and trying to destroy his marriage by any means possible. If you are a card reader, again, please offer up some guidance and I would be most appreciative. P.s I will try that website right now too! And thanks for the attention that you have given to me in this time it is comforting to have an intelligent reader like yourself at the other end of the world.

  • WOW. ......................... WOW ..................... Im more than a card reader. I will return with a reading for you as soon as i can.

    B Stoker

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