Learning to Communicate with my Guides

  • Hello,

    I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who can help me. I've recently began meditating to open communication with my guides. I'm wondering if anyone can help me figure out more about my guides so I can call them by name. Or is this something that I just have to be patient with, and practice until lines are open.

    Does anyone have any advice for meeting guides? Any good meditation practices? Can anyone see if I'm getting any closer to being able to communicate?

    Thank you!


  • HI Erin

    Well first of all you need some sort of protection. A White candle lit as it protect you and your guides. And as you light it you may say something like " With this light am I and those of my guides who is present and who wishes to speak protected. Amen!"

    You can also make your own small mantra prayer saying. As for names I feell you need to ask them for it, but be prepared that not all have a name. It can also be they wont tell you at first but first after a long time. Like in weeks or months. Depends on how willing they are. yes guides are as fickle and lovely as humans.

    meditation is an art in it self. takes time to perfect it. So ya need at least an hour alone in ur fave room, so u can focus. This hour is also what i like to refer to as METIME.

    Other than that go for it.

    Blessed be!

  • Sylvia Brown wrote a book called, "Communicating With Your Guides", or something close to that. It is a short book, and although I never read it, I trust her. I am sure this book will really help you get in touch with your guides and yes, find out their names. Be patient it takes a long time to get to where you want to go. You must be patient, persistent, and most of all full of faith. These qualities will lead you to your guides, and once you have them it is a life long relationship, they will never leave you and always be there whenever a decision has to be made or protection is needed.

    I hope this helps, oh by the way you can get all of Sylivia Browns books at your local library.

  • this is interesting. I thought spirit guides come when they want to come, not when we call them. I mean in the beginning. but after they show up they will tell us their names and we can call them anytime we need guidance. I am still reading a spiritual book at the moment, but I will check out this forum again see if there is more methods added

  • Thank you all so much for your responses. Very helpful advice.

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  • Hi ImprisonedSpirit, may other use your idea to contact your friend as well?


  • BenteStoker,

    I spoke to Imprisoned Spirit's friend, he is very helpful and wonderful to speak to about spirit guides. He welcomes new callers/emailers. Visit his website http://www.pgrparanormal.com

  • Yes, He is truely a very wonderful person! good luck

  • I found another easily accessible reference for learning to communicate with our guides is author and doctor... Doreen Virtue. Her books etc can be found in bookstores everywhere. it's primarily her thing. Her divination cards are beautifully illustrated by numerous artists and I found helped clarify communication when I first started learning "processes". (I had been receiving all my life but needed to find a way of confirming what my belief system was leading me too and find common ground with others. So I prayed for a teacher to appear that would help sort things out for me. Shortly thereafter my attention was directed to one of Doreen's books) I believe The Universe LOVES to communicate with us and does so in so many ways. Guides can be ascended masters and angels/messengers (Jesus, Buddha, Sanat Kumara, Sulis,Brigit. etc), animals (on this planet in our daily lives or in our intuitive realms), sychronistic moments that shed light on issues we're trying to figure out, that still small voice we so often don't hear because of this world's distractions....believe me, guiding spirit is with all of us, always, it's a matter of us learning to listen : )) I enjoy far too many experiences daily to be able to share everything in one reply...but I do feel strongly that once we believe they're already communicating with you , one will begin to "see' their own evidence. Keep the faith, stay in the light, and remember Energy Follows Intent!

    "Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door shall be opened"

    P.S. This is only my perspective and mean no disrespect to another's point of view.

  • When I communicate with my spirit guide Mendolyn I first light a white candle and do still meditation for a few minutes. I use a pendulum, mine is a necklace with a pearl on it that dangles. I made a circular graph with a ruler with every letter of the alphabet on it so my pendulum can swing in a natural circular motion. I then sit up straight with both feet on the floor. Propping my elbows on the table I wrap my necklace once around my right finger using the pointer finger of my left hand on my right finger to steady myself.and let it dangle in the middle of the graph, you can do this however its comfy for you. My elbows hurt after awhile so you might want some padding. I then ask Mendolyn if shes there and my pendulum will spell out yes. When I ask questions I hear her answer in my mind before its completely spelled out so I say out loud what she is telling me. You MUST be very detailed in your questions as the guides cannot answer correctly if they are broad and undetailed. They also have a different perception of time on the other side so any time frame questions will not be accurate. Good luck with this type of communication as it works great for me but not so well for others. It will also hone your psychic abilities as you get more proficient at it.


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