Guys and texting plz help.

  • leoscorpion>>so if they are careless, possible they lost your number

    but if this happens often, well maybe it's best to move on

    Sandran712>>I was to date a guy he lost my phone number 3 times.After that I just gave up.How can you lose a woman's phone number 3 times??LOL

  • Miss Libra>>If they like the girl that sent it would they text O many Happy returns Or do guys just overlook those kind on msgs???.

    Sandran712>>I emailed a guy Happy Birthday.He isn't acknowleding me.Guys are cowards.They don't have the ballls to tell you to your face they don't like you.So they play the mindless games.We can only hope they get a really bad rash that keeps on giving.Bad case of crabs from a Cancer point of view...LOL

  • I got text messages frmphone numbers I didn't recognize with Merry Xmas. My response was who the He77 is this? What I had done was delete all the guys numbers that were flakes and guys I didn't make a connection with. Erasing from my phone is symbolic of breaking it off with the guy. I just didn't think that after almost a year of no contact, they hadn't erased me from their phones. I mean, after a couple of weeks or a few months, that should be a hint!!! Do I sound like some of the guys you all know? yes, I can be a Bych and guys love me! just like the A-holes women pine after. If a guy won't do me right, it's time to go!!! Ex's tell me years later, I was the best woman they had, I don't nag, I'm a positive person. When they tell me that, I think to myself " You didn't appreciate me then, it's a a lot too late now!" most were bad boys.

    Girl why are you beating yourself up wit this fool?? Is he fasinating BECAUSE your family doesn't like him?? You got a CRUSH. You look at him through rose colored glasses and make fantasies involving him.One day you'll get tired of the fantasy life that you feel you COULD have with him and start looking for a real man that can give you what you want and need, in real life. I know how that works, I've turned thug bugs into caring, loyal, hard working MEN, in my fantasies before and I truly believed they could be that in real life with my help.....NOT!! Men don't really like a woman "helping" them. Besides, it's like trying to build a house when all you got is a couple of 2 by 4's and a glue gun. Just not enough!! You got to start looking for a man that has ALL the materials you need to build what you want. You know they say women get attracted to bad boys, usually as a way to rebel against their families expectations. my family always expected me to marry a lawyer or a doctor. I liked the thug guys, I liked the flirting and the way they made me feel sexy when they talked and looked at me. It's all the dance of LUS*T.

    What am I dating now? a Pharmacist with a Masters in Business. My family was right. I need an intelligent old fashioned man that I can respect and trust.

  • 2know>>You got to start looking for a man that has ALL the materials you need to build what you want.

    Sandran712>>Ain't that right.!!!The guys I know are all 1 brick short of a load..LOL

  • Tanks for da comments Im really starting to think that he just isnt worth my time..Like you said its a CRUSH!! Just he is hard to get over...At first I never allowed myself to feel anything for him because of the things he did in his past..I know it cant be easy for him to say anything right now..I do firmly believe that everyone has done something in their past they may not be proud of but everyone deserves a second chance if they are truly sorry...But for a slight moment I started to consider NOT hating him and look where I ended up..Yes I do say he is a BAD boy but his none other then a perfect angel to his family.. He always was..Ironic side of things he is studyn medicine. He is an intelligent guy so he has it both..Thing is he is intelligent to the point that you need to think outside the box with him so you can see how some issues are hard to deal with knowing that he is quick to think and react but one thing I have learnt is he really doesnt want to talk with me. Is it because he has a girlfriend and that is why he wont text me back???..I dont really worry too much of him not keeping my number I know it does say a lot but Iv also learnt that friends of mine who I would not have texted in some time hadnt a clue who i was at Christmas..So where to go from there ha..

  • he sounds like a lot of to figure out....You deserve to be happy and fulfilled yes??? Probably delete button is in order here and find someone who will be happy to get those texts from you.......

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