Guys and texting plz help.

  • Do guys always ignore msgs from girls they dont like. If they text short and to the point is that a bad thing. When asked the question how r u? Wud dey answer and ask how u r if they like u r wud they just ignore dat part of ur msg.?

  • Men dont prioritize replying txt, email or letters the same way women do. It comes next after work, work, work, stuff athome, family obligations. So NEVER expect any man regardless of ag to reply straight away. To men it is not that important. If they like you they will SHOW it.

    all in all ya need patience. Impatient women can come across as desperate and needy which to many men is a majo turn off.

    Ahm just for sake of understanding your issue clearly could you next time write NOT slang? thanx

  • Now ask yourself, if a guy you didn't like txt'd you would you respond? HeL*L 2 the NO! If Ur snding 2 him an U knw he dont like U, Ur stalking him. U txt a lot an U txt 2 keep in touch w/ peeps U LIKE! Teenage guys txt Bcuz they r growing up in the txt era. And girls wnt them2 txt. Older guys, don't like typing and, that's what texting is to them. Hi how R U doin 2day? is a wasted text. I usually ignore those too. Put some reason into your text for him to text back, ASK a question. and, until you know he knows short cuts, spell everything out. My past boyfriend NEVER, not ONCE, responded to any of the texts I sent to him, not even with a call. He would call me right back if I left a voicemail. He HATED text. That's not why we broke up though. My current squeeze, in the 6 months we've been together, we've only talked on the phone, maybe 6 times and usually not much longer then 3 minutes.. We text soo much, we have had text arguments that have lasted all day while he was working!! his messages can vary from 1 word ( answering a message I sent 2 days B4) to full use of the 160 characters, my NAME in all capital letters when he's MAD at me. ( makes me laugh)Those big fingers can flash on that Blackberry keyboard! . Each guy is different.

    A short message is not a bad thing. They could be busy. most guys usually only do short messages. But, you have to take in to account the person your texting to. Plus, the purpose of texting is mainly for quick short messages WHEN you can't talk, not yammering, like, I like to do!!. I also notice that if I ask more then one question, that a guy will only answer one and you never know which one. So know I only ask one question and wait.....and wait.....actually, I go do something else, that seems to make him respond faster, me being busy! Even if my guys mad at me, he will respond to the question.

    Emails are the same. I can write 4 paragraphs and get back one line, answering one thing. It's a guy thing!

    oh, and if your chasing a guy that you KNOW doesn't like you, quit IT!! You are asking for a major hurt that could scar you emotionally and your asking for a major and possibly public rejection. Snap your fingers and move on to the next set of guys or guy. Respect yourself first, before you can expect others to respect you. You can't MAKE anyone like you. Like yourself enough to know it's his loss!

  • Hear hear!

  • my advice is stop txting..... he with either eventually think "Hmmm I wonder what she is up to......" or you wont hear from him at all.. then you have your answer as to where you stand .

  • i agree with virgo girl. Stop texting him. Men love it when we are mysterious. He might start noticing after a month. I stopped trying to talk to an ex and it drove him nuts. Now he calls me and texts me bc I stopped acting like I care if I hear from him. I am diplomatic and nice to him when I do talk to him but I dont respond to him every time. Men hate when they dont feel needed. Try pulling back for a while. You may find yourself liking someone else by then that gives you more attention.

  • The stop one i did., didnt work. not one bit. But hey diff man diff woman, mayb urs will work. good luck n let us know if he followed suit.

  • Then again there is a diff between 2 to 3 a week to say 15 to 30 each day!

  • Thanks very much for da advice..Am when I text him it was usually happy xmas or new year which i got no reply to...After a number of months i text him at which point he didnt know who i was as he never saved my number...I asked a question about something important soon after which he replied to...But as i said it was to the point On texting him a similiar question since i wrote the above he didnt reply..I dont get him at all...But i agree with the fact guys and girls views on text messaging is very different and varies from person to person..When i never got a reply i didnt keep hassling him id let it I wouldnt say I was stalking him in my texts....i dont know is he a person that would text often if anything i say if he was to use his phone it would be a phone call to the person. any more advice i will consider...Thanks

  • all I can add is if he doesn't text back, don't text him anymore. It sounds to me that when he knew it was you, he didn't reply then when some time went by and that he hadn't held onto your number that he replied, not really thinking it was you. I have been seeing a guy and everytime I text him, he text right back and almost always within the next minute. sometimes it was a little longer b/c he was busy with work. no matter if we are argueing or whatever, he always responds. and there is a reason he responds, I guess...

  • All guys are different but I know that most guys are not really into texting or chatting on the phone for hours the way we girls do. And that doesnt mean they don't like you. One of my best friends is an amazing guy, but when he texts me or his gf, the texts are short and impersonal and same thing about talking on the phone. There is nothing wrong with texting/calling them once in a while, you won't come across as desperate but if you nag them about not keeping in touch enough, then yes, you'll set them running for the hills!

  • My Dear Miss Libra, I have to agree with Bente Stoker and WickedMoon and add this point, I sense this guy's just not into you. The clencher is that he didn't save your number, hon, and, bless your heart, if he had any plans for some kinda future with you he would have done at least that much. You were wise to follow their advice and not text him anymore and see what happened. and NOTHING is what happened. I know its a terrible break but there you have it. Now grab that ice cream and a spoon . Someone is on the horizon, I sense. Just grab the ice cream and console yourself for now. We're all here for ya. Many blessings and pearls of wisdom come your way.

  • ok, i would agree that most guys dont like to text and would rather talk on the phone, and they dont talk for long, BUT i am of the guys that will out text alot of girls lmao, quite a few of the women on this website that have seen me talk about my issues on here, iand i type just as much as anyof you on here cause once i got a good point or good advice, i run with it, and i go into specific detail, im good at drawing and very good at fast paced games, which you have to pay attention to details if you want to be any good, in person im shy and i will be quiet but im really observing my surroundings very well and when i get asked questions i remember right away and in detail.

    ok back to texting, as you can see ive already rambled on lol, the infamous Libra girl im interested in, when we message, i ALWAYS have the longer message, shes to the point but doesnt explain things very well in detail and expects me to just understand what she means, whcih i think is stupid, I on the other hand am very to the point, says things that might hurt but at least its the truth and explain in detail so she doesnt misunderstand anything im trying to say, girls want a guy that talks right?? well im one that will talk lol, when in highschool girls didnt give me the time of day, but now at 22, since im so much more talkative and they can see a guy thats not afraid of his sensitive side, it seems like im the type of guy most women want, im a combo of a nerd inside, look like a jock, but also the rebel that will do something random, (like chug a bottle of syrup in 14 seconds lol god that sucked), anyways! it just depends on what type of guy he is, the girl i like is never really short of me keeping in touch, but when i dont text for a few days then i finally do, i can tell she is extremely happy, she knows what kind of guy i am and i think she expects me to message her so she never worries about it, so im gonna go silent and see how long it takes her to initiate the conversation.

  • i forgot, just cause guys dont text back right away doesnt mean he doesnt like you is because they want you to think about them, and wonder why he didnt text back yet, guys want to feel wanted just as much as you women do, like my situation, i dont feel wanted or needed so im gonna wait until she wonders what happened and comes searching.

  • don't know if it's just guys with texting but the ones I know always short in replies, email or chat

    so I imagine they will do the same with texting

    I actually don't like texting, I'd rather chat, meet in person or email.

    which is strange because texting is just like email LOL

    In general though, if a man's response is short or he doesn't respond as soon as I hope

    I would wait until he send something and see what he sends

    then I'll decide whether to drop or keep him

    not sure about cell number, because my hubby keeps losing his contact numbers LOL

    so if they are careless, possible they lost your number

    but if this happens often, well maybe it's best to move on

  • K thanks for the advice i did think on that that he made the decision not to keep my number. At first i thought o did he really not save my number I thought he would have with the intention that if i text him again hed know who i would be so maybe not to text. So when I got the msg who are you i didnt know what to think. Did he know me or not.. .Thing about this guy is my family dont like him cause of stuff he has done in the past and i myself shouldnt look twice at him..But i cant help it..He knows my family hate him...So doesnt make things easy..But sometimes its the stuff he does now that gets me thinking like put it this way he has flirted in some ways towards me in public he has a serious staring problem...In places where we have no option but to be in each others company he stares at me...I had people luking at me as in well that explains whos benifit that was all for..I was left mortified...When i walk past his house there has been times when he decides to reverse his car onto the road giving me no option but to stand at the side of the road and stop........

  • Sorry got a phone call ha as i was saying..There was a day he passed me in his car and i didnt expect a car to come off the side road so he sort of frightened me...I nearly fell over a stick i waved he didnt but five mins later he came back to his house to get something i pressume, at that point he waved and passed me again He was leaving the county that day for awhile...Another day this guys friend was stopped in the car near the guys house and i was walking but if i went in home that was that but i didnt recognise his friends car in the distance and i didnt want to see anyone broken into so i walked in the direction of the car...At which point the car took off only to stop at the guys house and after a min or so came towards me after picking up the guy...The two of them didnt wave to me!!!! i was like what the hell....He waves some days and not other days..Im so confused by him...I think his parents thought something was going on they have made some kind of remarks towards me..I asked his dad for him one day and he was shocked!!!! Im so confused with this one. Should i just forget him HELP!!!

  • I will admit, its a bit difficult to fully grasp your situation because its hard to understand your post with all the slang. That said, if he isn't giving you immediate attention...if he isn't calling or texting regularly, if he isn't waving back then he's just not that into you. You should never settle for a guy. It sounds like the ball is always in his court, he gets to decided went to speak or flirt and if you try to flirt back, he doesn't respond. That is one sided and no girl should sit and wait around for a guy to respond or notice them.

    Your family is also important. I say you should always make your own decisions but one should always heed the advice of their family...because honestly, who knows you better? If they don't like him, then they've got to have some reason for it.

    Sounds to me like this guy isnt worth your time and is all in all a bad choice.

    Weigh out your options and really be honest with yourself... is this guy worth it? If he isn't falling all over you, then he's not.

  • Do guys text back toStuff like Happy Christmas Happy New Year??? If they like the girl that sent it would they text O many Happy returns Or do guys just overlook those kind on msgs???...Is it down to star signs Im a Libra and if anyone text me Happy Christmas I would reply regardless of who they are? ......

  • Bente Stoker>>>>To men it is not that important. If they like you they will SHOW it.

    Sandran712>>Does it mean when they don't respond to an email after 6-7 months they hate you...LOL

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