Birthday Reading

  • Hello,

    I just finished my birthday reading for tody and the SUN card came up in the Advice. I was wondering what that meant as far as career path would be concerned?

  • We can't say exactly what it means, it depends of all other cards on the spread.

    A spread is like a "story", all cards together make this story complete. You can't tell what this story is really about if you don't know what happened in other chapters. You can get a very wrong interpretation this way.

    So to know what this Sun means in advice, we must now the other cards, your present situation about career, to give you a more specific and right interpretation.

  • Hi and Happy Birthday 🙂

    Was the Sun card on the straight or reversed position? Did you use reversals in your reading at all?

    Regardless of the rest of the cards SUN in upright position is always good news. In the advice position it can mean try new approaches to old problems. Don't worry about tomorrow.

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