Confusing pisces friend

  • I don't know where to start, basically I've been seeing this amazing cancer guy for the last four months but the problem lies with his best friend and his confusing behaviour. Both myself and his best friend are pisces and i'm aware that its in a piscean nature to be very sensitive to everything but his behaviour is extremely over sensitive and i'm starting to wonder what his intentions are. We got on great at first and he started seeing my best friend so now the four of us hang out as a couple regularly, he seems kind of desperate for approval all the time and he seems to be fixating on our opinions of each other when what should really matter is that we make our other halves happy, everytime he has a row with my best friend and they're on the verge of breaking up he tries to split me and my boyfriend up too. Is this just typical piscean behaviour or is there more to it?

  • I think it is jalousy. Plain and easy. When he is miserably in the dumps then his best friend should be also, so he drags all down. he is properly not aware of this, so you may wanna talk to him about it. You may also wanna speak to ur cancer man of this, bc he may know more on how to tackle his best friend.

    However, n thats just me, NO best friends ruin his her best friend relationship bc he she has been dumped. Thats juss plain sick n wrong.

    I´d take him aside and have him spill the beans. i´d also say to my man that hi buddy´s antic when he is being dumped ruing his relationship to u is wrong n halfway mental.

    NEVER demand ur man to dump his best frend. When u have spoken with ya man, ALLOW him to think it over and if he says he will deal with it, take care of it, LET HIM!

    So let me round up short, team with ya man and find a solution, if ur man says he will do it, let him. if no work suggest u try. in end its up to ur man wether his socalled best friend is such a best friend at all.

    makes sense?

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