Can an all-Aries Household Work??!!!

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am an Aries woman (25/03/75) and my partner is also Aries (29/03/70). We are expecting a baby on 10/04/10 which will also make him/her an Aries also!! What can I expect in the future - is it a good or bad thing for us all to be the same star sign?

  • Ha Ha Ha Cat, I am an aries and have 2 aries children. It works out when I am careful to be patient and calm. You know as an aries at times our tempers can be a bit explosive which does have a trickle down effect to the children. Thats probably the difficult part is a whole bunch of fiery personalities. The plus side is we are a VERY active and make alot of noise from time to time. My little aries children are funny, smart, and take no bull from anyone. My daughters first sentence at 2 yrs old was "Dont tell Amber what to do about it!" LOL. I see nothing wrong with having a outspoken crazy bunch of aries under one roof. We have fun, fun, fun. and remember we have other planets in our charts that change things a little. For example I have a gem moon and my kids are scorpio moon and pisces moon. We are all unique in our own way. If you have love in your home you are gonna be just fine. ( :

  • Thanks alot for your reply Lovinmylife. I can recognise alot about what you say in my relationship with my other half. We are always out doing something active, be it on a boat, a cycle ride or a long trek with the dogs or up a mountain somewhere! I forgot about the moon sign aspects of the charts - I'm sure it will be a fun if somewhat crazy household.....I'm really looking forward to it and whatever the future holds. Thanks again xx

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