What do these cards mean?

  • Hi

    Can anyone more experienced than me tell me what these three cards mean,

    I keep getting them in a spread but am not sure how they link in?

    Justice, 2 wands, ace of coins

    I can't work it out.

    It's to do with my marriage breakdown


  • Justice should be fair and balanced in dealing with the lagal aspects

    2 of Wands means to be patient in waiting for your reward

    Ace of coins beginning a new emotional relationship. Joy, happiness and good health are on the way. Just be careful because it can also mean a new child

  • I'm by no means an expert on this, but this is what I read from it when putting it into context of a marriage breaking down:

    Justice to me would mean to look at things in a fair and balanced manner. In this case to recognize that in any situation it's not only one person's fault or blame. In other words recognize the fact that both persons have contributed to the breakdown and it's escalation.

    2 of Wands, would represent what you want in a union, or to determine what's important to you from this union.

    Ace of Coins would suggest to me to plant the seeds of what you desire from this, and see if these seeds can take root and grow into something tangible. Into something that can work.

    In summary, I would say that the three cards are saying to forget the past issues that contributed to the breakdown. Forget the finger-pointing and the blame. Recognize that both persons contributed. Then decide what it is you truly want out of this relationship or what is lacking, and discuss these issues. See if you can start over with a fresh perspective and see if it can grow into something that gives you joy or contentment.

    Once again, I'm no expert but that's what I see from that card combination.

  • ...OR it could also mean, to be fair to yourself and your husband (or ex-husband if that be the case) and do not focus on who was to blame. Forget about blame entirely. Move past it, and move on. Figure out what you do want. What would make you happy. Then plant the seeds in your life to allow your life to grow into that happiness. To actually make the happiness of your desires into the happiness of your actual life.

    ...almost the same interpretation, but totally different outcome. The first interpretation would be to try and rekindle the marriage, the second means to let it go, move on and find happiness anew.

    I suppose it would all depend on whether your marriage is in the process of breaking down, or if it is already over.

  • a new beginning in a distant place will be more fulfilling

  • Just to let people know I am new to this Tarot Reading but I have left some cards on the area called What the tarot cards mead to me? So if you like to take a look please feel free and anyone can leave messages there. But I'm learning so I can't help you yet. Many Thanks David.

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