Vengeful scorpio girl cought in the past

  • When people fail to understand me, it's ok, but when it's family...someone help.

  • Hi Touchy

    Boy do i KNOW ur feeling. Its like your brain blew a short and froze melted. Unable to retort anything let alone defend yourself.

    Its the shits, pardon my french. Im still figuring out how to make that abuse stop.

    Ive used various means,from its my life not yours, butt out, f*** off, to sitting down and say listen this is not me at all. Im not the one who turn it around and do say ill show em. Ot which ever it is they do when opposed as they have opposed you.

    I recently said it point blank. Your wa of helpingaint helping, it does the opposite. I get brain freeze melt down. i dont step up n say ill show u all u bastards, no i turn it inside and hurt myself more- im not u at all.

    Hell if i know if i succeeded.

    One thing i know that is kinda successful is a suggestion and advice given by my late nanna. She said, when your mom or dad does says this and that and you feel violated, leave. The clever one leaves first.

    Once they are "talkable" and willing to LISTEN, one can say how would you feel if i sid all those horrid things to you.

    Its highly unacceptable.

    This made me buy a mag called psychology because it had an article called "Verbal Tyrants,"

    it had 3 listed. tryand find moe onthe subject. Gives you some means and ammo to handle the fam. You can always choose to stay away from them, refuse to take their calls txt´s etc.

    All in all we wouldn´t take thi crap from strangers so shy ought we from fam? I say stranger or fam, its not right, its cruel, its abuse. And abuse is dead wrong.

    I hope this helped in some way.


    trust that believe that

    Blessed be


  • Touchy, I have 3 close people in my life that have scorpio as a ruling planet in their astro chart. I have seen the frustration they go through having difficulty expressing their emotion. As frustrating as it may be, I am willing to bet you have alot of people that love you and while they may have trouble understanding you remember that they do really care about you. My daughter has a sco moon and her emotions can get the best of her at times. Try to remain calm when this happens and maybe write down your feelings before you try to communicate them. This way you will have already worked through some of it yourself and will be able to decide what you should say and what should be kept to yourself. I have another friend who rarely talks about her feelings and its difficult because if I dont know that I have offended her I do not have a chance to correct myself. Sco emotions can be deep and sometimes you scorpios scare the heck outta me! lol So take care of your emotions first and then try talking about them to trusted people in your life.

  • my uncle K has given me some great advice that i am working at taking to heart.

    "you are responsable for your own feelings"

    seems simple, but there is power in those words...

    No one else's opinion of you has any meaning unless you give it a meaning, no one can see into your heart but you.

    If I insisted that your shirt was green and it was really red, would that change how you feel about your shirt or would you just know that I was mistaken or maybe due to blindness(color, in this case) that my opinion was skewed?

    if your family is blind that does not make you any different, it just makes it harder for them to see you.

    good luck.

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