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  • i am starting a new job that I am very excited and also nervous about. Does anyone get a vibe on how this will work out for me and my family? i am wondering if I will get some kind of fullfillment outta this or if I am just dreaming again. I also am not sure how well it will work out financially. Go ahead and give it a shot! Advice? Opinions? Would be greatly appreciated I am unable to sleep just thinking about this.

  • Hi n congratulations

    Starting a new job in a new place ALWAYS brings nervous and anciety along joy and upbeatness. Its natural. for me to look into am i in need of more information such as real name, city you reside n and country. But in general ifyou do your best to your ability then none can ask moreof you. Also know ANY new job has a period of training. If they don´t ask for it.

    Again Congratulations!


  • Congrats on your new job! Go in there with a smile on your face, a positive attitude, and everything should go well. Remember, dont be hard on yourself (since you will learn everything about your new job all at once more then likely) and remember - relax. You will get into the groove of things.

    (and always smile!)


  • Bente you already know that info silly you are my friend on facebook! lol This is a job i am doing from home and its commision based. I am coordinating fundraisers for a children's book author. I havent doen work like this in a few yrs so its way scary for me. Well, thanks for the encouragement you guys!

  • Oh my must have slipped my mind lovin LOLOLOLOLOL

  • Heh heh heh!

  • Okay I am just posting on here again hoping to get this seen so I can get some insight on this new job. Help me please!!!

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