Lucid Dreaming.. have you done it? how to?

  • I just posted another version of this on another thread, but it ventured off topic and might not stay there, so has anyone had real lucid dreams? I read another member here that has and would love their insight as well as anyone's.

    I have been lucky enough to have about 3 and the first 2 were tiny snippets before I lost awareness. The most recent one I had was awesome but it was wasted, I didn't get to have ANY fun. I would like to know how to control them and make them happen on command.

    I know it's something you have to train to do in adult life, but is there a way to either make it happen more often or take complete control when you finally have one to make it INCREDIBLE.

    That last one I had, I remember thinking 'I'm dreaming! Yes another lucid dream! What to do... Ok FLY! ' then I floated off of the ground VERY VERY low and I proved it was indeed a dream, but I did not fly like I commanded myself, so there was still some obvious doubt there. Also I thought about someone in real life and started thinking should I go say hey and a bit after that, it was like fizzzzled out.

    Does anyone have any pointers or techniques... ??

  • The first step to the best of my knowledge is to keep a dream journal. That gives you practice in working with dreams and may help you understand re occuring themes and what the symbols mean to you in waking life. Keep a notebook next to your bed so when you wake up you can write down as many details as you can remember so that you dont lose valuable info as you go on with your busy day. Second is to concentrate on what you want to dream about before you go to sleep.

    I have always had very vivid dreams which can be good but sometimes also scary. I lucid dream from time to time as well but that wasnt as important to me as learning in my dreams about events and people in my life. its not something I usually have to work for it comes natural and I used to think something was wrong with me as a child because of this and having de je vou experiences used to scare the hel outta me! lol

    My dreams havent been very meaningful lately though which makes me feel that no news is good news. Sorry for rambling flying dreams are really cool. Good for you!!!

  • Ditto lovinmylife ~ keep a journal next to the bed, and make a conscious effort to write down your intentions, and think them, prior to falling asleep. It takes practice, but the first time it happens, you'll be saying ..."wow! how'd I do that?" 🙂

    Kinda like waking up before your alarm goes off, or telling yourself that you've got to wake up at a certain time, and you don't have an alarm to help...and you wake up.

  • Adylia,

    I have elected not to dream lucidly in this lifetime, but as an important piece of advice as you explore this realm, please always remember this:

    Lucid dreaming is a gift from our Spirit family, and must always be treated with reverence and gratitude. A certain amount of wonderment is to be expected, too. But if you abuse this gift, you will be banned - probably for many lifetimes - from experiencing it again.

    The intentions you set before and during your lucid dream states will carry you through, but the wonderful - and dangerous - thing about lucid dreaming is that you can (and will) make seemingly conscious choices during the dream state. "Choose wisely," as they say.



  • For as long as i can remember, I've always been able to have complete control of my dreams. It just comes naturally to me. But i do know that taking any kind of drugs or substances of any kind before you sleep makes it harder.

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