Progress Spread (find out how your life is working out)

  • For those of you who like doing your own tarot readings, here is a very simple & quick spread I made a couple of days ago and I've used it on pretty much every area of my life. It is pretty accurate.

    Find out your progress in anything (love, career, wealth, friends, etc).

    The spread is laid out this way:




    1. Who I used to be.( or past situation)

    2. What I've lost in the process.

    3. What I've gained in the process.

    4. What to look forward to.

    The key is to reshuffle the deck after each pull while keeping your focus. If you lose concentration, you will notice that sometimes the 2 & 3 cards seem switched up. Hope this helps!


  • Thanks there Adylia. This looks like an interesting little spread and I might just give it a go meself 🙂

  • Yw. 🙂 Please let us know if it was as effective for you as it was for me. Sometimes spreads have more power when you make them yourself. Really hope it's accurate for others as well.


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