Libra and Taurus.

  • Are these two a good match or not? what are the chances that it will work out? Are all taurus people the same?

  • NOPE!

    I do find that for all my atempts to be "my own woman" that I still see the "taurus" in myself. Some of it I embrace and some I try to work around.

    good luck.

  • MissLibra ~

    I am married to a Taurus...and am Libra/Scorpio cusp. Your compatibility depends on all the influences in your charts, and how they can or cannot work together, as well as the maturity and personal boundary qualities you each bring to the relationship.

    What do you want in a man, and in a relationship?

    "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there". ~ Lewis Carroll

    Best of luck to you.

  • Hi Miss Libra. I'm a libra involved for a year now with a Taurus. Every reading I've ever done says that we're a great match in many, many aspects except for the "space" aspect. Taureans need their space, lots of it, and we are the relationship queens. We crave togetherness. We hate to be alone, although we don't like clingy people either, ironically.

    My time with this Taurus has been extremely challenging. He comes forward, then backs off, then comes back again. It can be very confusing. However, the key is this...let them go when they want to go. Ignore them (it's hard, I know), and they do come back. They crave love, just like we do. They're under Venus like us, remember. Just don't put up with disrespect or rudeness. Speak your mind. We Libras are good at that. And Taureans like logic and a rational argument.

    I'm separated from my Taurus right now. He has backed away and I'm suffering, believe me. I hate when he does this. But we keep getting back together. We have an incredible soul connection. We both know it. So obviously there's things we still have to work out together.

    As others have said, if it's meant to be, it will be. Find the lesson in this relationship. The universe brought you together for a reason.

  • This response is addressed to "rubia106". Having been with a Taurus man, on and off for approximately 11 years, I will tell you that the on-again-off-again situation is something that is created by the two of you. If you keep taking him back every time he pulls away for whatever reason, he soon learns that you will always take him back. In addition, when you take him back, if you don't address the issue that separated you and instead sweep it under the rug because you don't want to deal with the conflict that might ensue if you raise it for discussion, the issue never gets resolved and it keeps rearing it's ugly head time and time again.

    You speak of having a soul connection with your Taurus man. You may truly have that; but have you considered that you might also have an addiction to him? You might be addicted to the uncertainty; to the chaos that is your relationship. Like any other addiction, be it alcohol, gambling, sex, etc., this type of addiction is VERY hard to break.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Dancealot. Very interesting points you make. I have to say that this relationship definitely has its addictive quality, for both of us. So what you say makes sense. I'm curious as to why you persisted in an 11-year back and forth relationship. Did you guys ever address the issues that would keep you apart or did you "sweep them under the rug", as you say, for a long time? And what were those issues? Was he commitment phobic or was he hurt really bad in a past relationship? From reading other posts of relationships with Taureans, that seems to be a theme with them, that they're extremely sensitive and suffer from past hurts, causing them to be skittish.

    This is the issue in my case, by the way. We have talked about the issue several times. He admits this is his pattern, backing away until the woman ends up cheating on him, causing him to be totally commitment phobic. And my pattern is one of holding on too tight when he pulls away, causing us to engage in a back and forth dynamic which affects both of us. Of course, both patterns are caused by lack of self-esteem. We're both aware of that.

    We do love each other, which is the foundation that holds us together. We just each need to break our own personal patterns. I need to give more to myself and be more detached and he needs to come forward a little bit and share more. The theory is evident, it's putting it into practice that's challenging. I am learning so much about myself in this process, though.

    Thanks for your reply.

  • I love being a Taurus. Even though we are stubborn, bull headed and obstinate. I find that I have to keep my tenacious temper in check. My friends and co-workers have commented that they do not wish to get on my bad side and if I get angry they will have a hard time calming me down. Wish to hear how others feel about being a Taurus the Bull.


  • I am curently in a relationship with a taurus and I do find that they are very standoffish. Once they have been hurt by someone, they create any excuse to make distance in the current relationship, but when they feel under pressure they will come around, and I think its time for me to move on, but I cant, I THINK I AM ADDICTED TO HIM. Its only because he didnt show this side in the beginning and we fell in love, now everytime i try to tell him I want out, he throws a fit and acts like a baby, someone help me LOL

  • Miss Libra,

    I'm also a Libra (Pisces moon, Gemini rising) and my husband of 7 years is a Taurus (Aquarius moon, Leo rising). We have a fantastic relationship and marriage. I've had several synnastries which all say that our match is a good one. I think all factors in both natal charts influence whether two people are compatible and not just sun signs, but that's my uneducated opinion.

  • Thanks for all the above comments..I do agree with the last that it is more then sun signs that make people compatible and i also agree with the point made further up that Libras do love togetherness but at the same time always want their own space as well. So in a sense we are clingy but yet dont like clingy people...When it comes to these taurus people and texting to even start a relationship...Are they texters or would they just rather left the phone and hear the sound of your voice or better still a face to face conversation....I do agree that taurus people as they know themselves are quite stubborn....Do Taurus people like to pursue a relationship first?..If you make the first move will they resent you for it and just decide not to go there because of it???,,,

  • Any more comments to be added my people or even taurus people guys in particular?

  • MissLibra I can't say that it will or won't just that mine played out because he is a player out on the road as a truck driver. Wanted to be free to do what he wanted. But while we were together and worked together we got along very well. But I have never known a Taurus who was faithful and that is exactly what my guide told me loud and clear even before I was aware. Or suspected. Wish you well but Taurus love to rescue and they are in seventh heaven when they can do it. I didn't need rescuing and so that my have been the down fall. I didn't need him I wanted him in my life. Also his self esteem from childhood was very damaged. I met him when he was in his 40's and pretty down on his luck. But I loved him very much.

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