• Physically I am very slim,thin & skinny. My job is I am a trekking guide. My clients & lots of peoples are surprised that I am so skinny. But they use to say me that I am very strong man. But sometimes I feel that I would like to be big body, so can any one advise me that what shall I need to do to be big body or some thing little bit more fat?

  • My dad was thin all his life. He smoked until his early 60's and drank Vodka everynight. He's now 89 years old. Being thin is really a blessing w/ all the junk food around. Also, being thin is easier on the heart and the frame--joints, knees etc. I would talk to a doctor's assistant and get their opinion. I'm not really skilled to give advice on this. I have to exercise to keep toned and in shape. Some people are lucky and are thin naturally.

  • Hi Dalia,thank you very much for the message. Very good to hear from you. Like your dad, also I use to drink whisky/vodka, very net. It is is favourite to drink very hard drink,very net.

    I first started to drink as I got failure on my exam-result of my higher secondary school gradutation on 1990. On the trekking trips, our customers/guests request me to do dancing to do it I used to feel very shy,and some of our trekking crews suggested me to drink beer/whisky sothat drunken makes you feel no more shy, So I did drink for following that ideas. Those has made me I am used to drink.

    But I sometimes realize that maybe hard drinking makes me more thin. But also I remember my childhood life that my parent were very much poor & there was no enought foods to eat for us. So most of my child life was very empty stomach,& my child life was grown up with no enough foods. I think maybe those are the reason that I am very thin/skinny?

  • Be careful w/alcohol. I don't drink myself. I like it that way. Please be careful with drinking. Even though I don't know you, I care about what happens to you. Love.

  • Hello Nepaltrekkingguide,

    I used to bodybuild and play lots of sports, which I wish I still did because I am not nearly in the shape that I once was. Now I have to be careful not to put on too much weight. I used to read a lot about proper diet and fitness, and such.

    Simple rule of thumb, if you burn off more than consume then you lose weight, burn off less than you consume and you gain weight. Sounds like you have a very high metabolism. You also burn off a lot of calories in your job, plus grew up not filling up on food a lot so you probably don't overeat now. That's good in the fact you don't get fat.

    Simple solution to gain weight. Consume more. Do it semi-properly though. You don't want to get fat, you just want to "fill in" your size and muscles more. I suggest you buy protein powder (and any grocery store or health store). Like the body builders buy. The more protein and less sugar in it the better. Not the diet stuff, the higher calorie stuff. Two or three times a day, mix whole milk with protein powder and drink that between meals. Try to keep eating your regular meals too. It may bloat you at first because you're not used to "filling up" your body. But within three to four weeks, you'll notice quite the size gains. Chances are, you'll look a lot more muscular too because your body will no longer be eating your muscle fibre for energy.

  • Hello Dreamer North & Dalia,

    Thank you so much for the great valuable message. I am very much glad for your great consults with great informations. I am very please of you. With best regards,

  • Hey if you want to have a bigger body, you should weight lift. maybe just lift some weights with your arms, im very slim too. People always complain how skinny i am, but thats just how I am.

    I as well want to look a little more fuller, and I think some slight weight lifting will do the trick, not eating a carton of doughnuts or anything.

    Seriously, if you want to get bigger, lift weights.

  • Or you can just stay skinny... It is, as Dalia said, a blessing... 🙂

  • Eat PIZZA! bonvoyage-

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