Does Taurus woman Taurus male relationships work???

  • I am a 32 year old Taurus woman dating a 44 year old Taurus male. A month ago we found out he gave me herpes. I get tested regularly and he had not been tested for all STD's in over a year. We started dating in February 09, no sex until mid-May 09. He had not dated anyone since November 08. I really do not believe he knew he had the virus but I do believe now he has an idea of who gave it to him because in one of our earlier conversations he talked about an incident where a woman he dated had a funny odor that bothered him.

    My problem now is he is being distant with me. It is not a mean distance but it is a distance that seems like he does not know how to talk to me. I've told him that I am not upset and I want to continue seeing him and he has commented with "I don't know why" or "I really don't know what you think of me". This is a crazy situation for me because I am feeling really rejected. As a Taurus man, does he care for me? I have always felt somewhat attuned to people and I feel like he is constantly thinking of me even when we don't talk. We live in two different cities but we talk or text still everyday. We use to see each other every week but now he has not invited me to come and see him and when I invite him to come see me (he has never been to my home, he is a police officer working 3rd shift, I am a teacher who's school is back in session and my schedule is not as flexible as it was in the summer), he says that we will have to work something out.

    I've never dated a Taurus man, I just want some insight into what he is possibly thinking about me. We were fine before the STD issue. Please help! He still takes my calls and he still calls me but I just want him to see that I am honestly still interested in dating him.

  • Typically Taurus men are stubborn. It's not really a bad thing. They just take their time doing things and they are set in their ways. If you are worried that he doesn't want to see you, it's not the case. It's not very convenient for him now and he feels guilty about the STD issue. If you stick with him anyway, you'll prove your loyalty and the Taurus man will see you as long-term potential.


  • I really don't want to "prove" anything to him as far as loyalty because I am a taurus woman. Loyalty is one of my natural strong suites but I just want to know what he's thinking right now!

  • He feels like crap! He gave you an STD! As a man, he failed. They're supposed to protect you, and instead he did the opposite. I'm sure he'll get over it eventually, but right now he probably feels like the lowest life form on earth. I don't blame him, if I gave someone herpes i'd lose sleep over it for months. You just have to constantly communicate to him how it isn't his fault, and there's no reason for him to feel bad. You just have to try to make him feel better. The longer he feels guilty and unworthy, the longer this will go on. It might take some time, but eventually you can make him feel better.

    Try being fun and letting him know all the ways he can make it up to you 😉 stuff like that. Try to lighten the situation up.

  • I'm trying that MariaRia but I'm starting to feel like, "what about me?" I'm spending this time trying to reassure him but he is not being there for me emotionally. I'm a Taurus too! I am very sensitive and if you've followed my other stories on here I've gone through a lot this year with men. He knows this story and others, I'm just ready to give up...

  • No, don't give up....he is probably feeling really,really guilty and embarrassed. Carry on showing your interest, like MariaRia has already said. Things can be sorted, and he will admire your strength to deal with it in a mature way. And when you next get together, after you've been reassuring....turn round and say outright, now where's my reassurance/cuddle/ etc etc? He probably hasn't realised (typical man) and maybe a nudge in the right direction is all he needs.

  • Are you just hanging onto something because you are used to it?

    If he feels that bad (and he should) let him get over it in his own time. Be open to him getting back to you when he is over himself... that having been said, if you don't ask him to meet your needs you can't expect him to know what they are.

    Seemss to me I have read about you two before and I got the feeling he was hiding something then. How did that ever work out?

  • No cman, this is a different guy. The last guy was a Cancer. I am not hanging on to anything. I've let it go. Thanks, I take the blame for my part but I just wanted some insight.

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