Aquarius Female/Gemini Male Affair

  • I am an Aquarius Female married to a Capricorn Male. Our marriage has been more like amicable roommates and the sex is pretty much non-existent. Most people who know us say we are a very unlikely couple. Last year I met a Gemini Male through mutual friends and was immediately attracted to him. After much flirting on his part and learning that his marriage was much like mine I initiated an affair which he eagerly agreed to. The fireworks were crazy and we learned we were very compatible and the sex was awesome. Our affair lasted one month and we were intimate four times. The first three times were out of this world. He started to open up to me telling me about his childhood but warned me there was another side to him too. He is 100% Gemini and I am 100% Aquarius. Every time I would tell him how much I missed him or wanted to be with him he would get angry like he thought I was lying but there were times I could tell he was jealous that I was at home with my husband. Being the Aquarius that I am I could not take the infidelity and told him the last time we were together that I was leaving my husband because, through him, I learned that my marriage was over. He immediately turned off, started going on and on about his wife and basically sabotaged our affair. A few days later I texted him telling him I needed to stop our affair until I could leave my failing marriage. He texted me back immediately saying OK. Since then I have texted him a couple times but with no response. We saw each other once at a party only because each of us didn’t know the other was going to be there. He tried to initiate polite conversation but I wouldn’t have it since he couldn’t respond to my texts but I could see in his eyes that he was hurt. I am still with my husband as he is now Husband of the Year and it is too hard to leave because of logistic circumstances but I cannot stop thinking of my Gemini Male and am in love with him. He is avoiding me like the plague, though, as he does not show up at get-togethers with our mutual friends anymore if he thinks I’ll be there. He told me from the beginning that he loves his wife, that this is his first affair, and the reason why he is having an affair is because they have sex once a month. I don’t believe this and know from our friends that his wife has kicked him out before but didn’t know why. I believe I will eventually leave my husband only because we’re just not meant for each other. Please help me out with any candid advice available about this Gemini Male.

  • Now you learned the lesson cheating is bad and working on your own marriage is a must, you have to plan the next course of action.

    Is s** worth your marriage? Even though this mystery man is now being a jerk to you and playing you like a guitar now, and he probably doesn't want anything to do with you?

    Sounds like your in love with the Gemini, but he isnt in love with you. (A one way love.)

    I suggest you work on what you have - your relationship with your husband. There are many counselors you can go to. Try to save your marriage, you cant give something up unless you try first. A confession to your husband on what you have been doing, why you did it, and that you are thinking of terminating the marriage might help actually. Save what you have, dont take the easy way out.


    Oh, and stop talking to the Gemini, he doesnt love you.

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