Just reliable

  • Hi...I am 61, studied Astrology since my Aries grandma started teaching me at age 4! I have spent most of my inner life on a quest to deepen my spiritual understanding. Even while working 20 years as a psychiatric social worker. I don't like being the 'boss'...I like being an equal and feel it keenly if I am not treated that way. I have experienced great heights in emotional and spiritual happiness and great losses where I found it hard to walk through a day with the burden of sorrow...and the one true golden thread in all this is my inner strength to survive and make progress, to believe that there is something I can do to make life not just for me, but everyone whose lives I touch, better in however small a way. Sometimes the material world interests me...like Persian tapestries or beautiful fabrics in wonderful colors...but never just for the sake of show or 'having.' Capricorns, you should never limit yourselves to the definitions of success imposed by the mainstream! You can dream and make it real and your greatest gift is your inner spirit that is made of very strong stuff , which shows you how to rely on yourself and bring out the best in others.

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