Personal Tarot Card Compatability

  • Hi. I thought I´dmake a thread of this as it seems like an intriguing topic. HOWEVER I´m not known in the area, so i hope ANY pro well known of personal tarot cards may join in and post the different combinations. Even maybe reply requests from people interested?

    Just an idea.


  • I don't really understand this topic--I read Motherpeace Tarot, the workbook that comes with the deck some time ago--it was so interesting--it shows you how to associate yourself with one of the major arcana tarot cards--mine was The Empress--this is the energy that you are needing to bring into your life, and encompass as part of your true self. It has been some time since, and I know Motherpeace is an old deck, but it's a staple for the student, I think, and I also chose a card for the man in my life--it was the Chariot. I have had lots of issues with this man and I realize my position in our relationship is to supply nurturing energy, without worrying what I am getting for myself. This is a deviation from what formerly was my love life, for sure. You might want to look into it as well.

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