TheCaptain, could you help me, please?

  • Hi, i did find my old thread but there was another person's analysis in it too, so i rather copy-paste your analysis from back then and start a new thread again.

    back then i was convinced that his birthday is the 7th. now i would rather say his birthday is between the 7th and 14th of July 1976, Athens (Greece)

    mine is 9th of February 1982, Szekszard (Hungary)

    I'd like to know whether you can give me some opinion on our 'connection' now. what you might see.... thank you very much in advance.

    this is what you wrote me like 2 months ago:

    "Katie, this relationship is best for friendship rather than anything more intimate. It combines an intensity of emotion with highly critical and rejecting attitudes. Neither of you should expect an easy time here. Your friend is easily fascinated by the more unusual aspects of your personality, and may be magnetically drawn to them. Problems arise when you Katie are less than responsive, or perhaps respond impulsively, then just as quick, turn off. Your friend must be subtle in his approach to you, because you will not be held down and may be gone at the first signs of his possessiveness or jealousy.

    A love affair here is complex and difficult. True, you have a tremendous need for love, Katie, and should you find your friend attractive, you will be gratified by his attention. But his obsessiveness can drive you crazy, pushing all of your buttons. Even when things are going well, you will tend to be quite irritated by little things about him. He tends to retreat into his own little cave when things are not going well and may even run away from you physically, not communicatin with you for a long time. If the relationship is to work, you will obviously have to learn to accept the whole package - you can't just pick and choose the bits of your friend's personality that you like and discard the rest. Marriage can be attempted but it will often magnify these problems, with constant bickering, misunderstood communication, and frustration as the result.

    Friendship is usually built around shared and somewhat unusual activties. In friendship the usual irritation that appears in more intimate relationships is less intense. A more relaxed attitude prevails and as friends you two are likely to find their relationship rewarding and pleasurable. "

  • I still need the exact date to be completely accurate. Can't you ask him?

  • hi TheCaptain! no, unfortunately, i cant ask him as we dont talk. but thanks anyway. 🙂

  • I think the fact that you two don't talk any more might give you your answer.

  • yes. thanks anyways.

  • I think I asked you a question in the wrong place! Would you offer insight - I am a virgo sun sag asc gemini moon and my ex boyfriend of 7 years came back into my life this week saying he never got over me., etc. He is a Leo with a Virgo asc 8/14/60. I am having trouble knowing my own heart - I have spent the lst year and a half since the breakup working on me and had just gotten to a place where I wasnt thinking of him - good or bad.

    I used to hope for the scenario I am now getting - not sure I trust it.

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