Someone analyisng someone elses past relationship

  • i have recently re met an old bf havent seen for 25 years we had a good time when we met untill he wanted to go in to the past relationship i had with my childrens father

    i told him the story which was very upsetting it sort of spoilt the night

    now all he want talk about is that relationship

    its like im being interegated by the kgb

    hes psycho analising me through that

    i told him i dont want to talk about its dead and buried and not reraly relevent to the now but he still goes on

    hes just causing me pain reliving it all he says im immature

    to me i maybe wrong but what hes doing is very imature and insecure

  • You have moved past that. If he is intereted in you, he's having a hard time getting past your ex. I would tell him very plainly that he is bothering you by trying to re-live your past. Sounds like he's a Virgo.

  • thanks that what i thought still immature and insecure

    i told him its gone dead buried i got over it untill he brings it up

    yet every now and again he does

    hes a libra early libra 25th sept

  • That's very odd for a Libra. I would go further and find out his moon and rising signs. He is displaying jealousy issues. You could make it hard on him and grill him about his past relationships and if he's any kind of Libra, he will pick up on how uncomfortable it makes you when he does it to you. But then again, he could be picking up on some deep seated issues you never worked through concerning your ex. Examine why you get upset whenever he brings it up. How do you respond to his questions? Do you just shrug it off and move on or do you get agitated? Libras can be pretty sneaky in finding out your true feelings without you knowing it so he may be trying to figure out if he can continue in the relationship if you still have issues that need to be faced. Libras are good at drawing out and helping others recover. Try to talk about it like a movie you saw. Detach yourself from the emotions of the past and look at it like that.

    Hope that helps. The fact that you get upset says something is there.

  • You could tell him what I would say. I am not trying to confuse you, but really, I have moved on.

  • I forgot. After you say this, it's important to leave the room and do something else. That way you have removed yourself from the interrogation. Don't get mad. This isn't your problem.

  • i have no issues between me and my childrens father is dead and buried what is upsetting is what happened

    i dont love him dont want anything to do with him i get upset due to facts what happened not feeling for him

  • That sheds an entirely different light on the issue. He may be wondering if you do still have feelings. In that case, do as Dalia suggests.

  • Sounds like he's being somewhat of a jerk. I'm thinking he's either trying to get an 'insight to your soul' by analyzing an obvious traumatic time in your life. He's probably trying to 'unlock' hidden secrets or repressed feelings that he thinks you have. Whether you do or not is not really any of his business. He's an ex of yours, so maybe he's doing it because he never got over the fact that the two of you never worked out, and is still trying to figure out 'what went wrong?'. Perhaps he never got over you, and really can't move on himself.

    At any rate, the bottom line is that he's trying to pry something out of you that you are not wanting to share. I suggest that you tell him that if he wants to get to know you again, then focus on getting to know the person that you are now and about your current life, rather than the person who you once were and the events of those times.

    If a memory is still painful, then it probably should be allowed to rest longer. If it is something that is still affecting you, and that you'll eventually have to deal with, then you'll know when the proper time to deal with it will be. Your own heart and sould will tell you. Tell him to leave that subject be, and quit prying.

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