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  • Hi,

    I'm having a lot of trouble with my neighbor

    He's doing all kinds of things to get me in trouble. He's trying to get me thrown out of my school and is trying to make sure I can't continue my education. He is also trying to get me arrested. He keeps contacting various people using my info. One guy is getting really sick of it and I'm afraid he may press charges against me. What is going on? When will this stop? It's wearing me out. I really don't understand what brought this on. I also don't know how to stop it.

  • Be practical - gather evidence and get witnesses if possible of what this guy is doing to you - it amounts to fraud and stalking - then go to the police.

  • Thanks for the advice, Captain. Could I ask a follow-up question? The guy I mentioned- will he press charges? He's a pretty well-known person and the fact that he's been contacting this guy has me worried.

  • No one can press charges against you without evidence of a crime. Is he alleging that you did something illegal?

  • Yes. The issue is harassment. My neighbor's been sending out messages under my name. I would hope that the messages can be traced back to him, but I'm not exactly sure if they can be. My concern is that the guy on the other end of this is blaming it on me. I'm worried about being sued, by him, as well.

  • Have you explained the situation to the guy receiving the messages?

  • And digital messages can certainly be traced back to the real sender, unless he is a super-hacker or something.

  • I tried to explain what's going on to the guy on the other end of this, but apparently, he doesn't believe my side of things. I also reported it to the police, but it hasn't stopped. I hope it's investigated. As long as it stops and I'm not charged, I'm OK with it.

  • Also, I'm hoping he's not a super hacker. I think the IP address has probably been recorded and obviously, it's not mine.

  • Mh83, thinking of you. These are tough things to deal with. Just so unfair. Asking and calling angels and archangel Michael for divine intervention and protection for you. Xx

  • There are sites where you can trace the IP address yourself if you want to gather evidence against this guy. It might be time to call in legal aid to warn/frighten this person.

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