Cancer male sending mixed signals..what is his objective???

  • So I met this guy when we were younger teenagers n when we met I disliked him he always had something to say.he appeared as very rude.But one day he switched his whole approach n we became buddies.or whateva u call it.. well I noticed after a while he would stare at me all the time etc..then 1 day he went to a different school .I would see him all the time at parties etc n we would both make eye contact the whole night..while then a year later we both went to different High schools .Then 1 day when I was in my junior year of HS I saw him he hug me for so long lol..after that he requested me on facebook.he saw that I had a page but he had to see me in person to kno were I stood with him..after that we exhange numbers and we talked basicially everyday text,message or phonecalls but hers the thing at the time he had a girlfriend of 3 months I often wondered did he spend time with her he was always talking to me ..while the convos started in feb by march he had broke up with her idk if it was cause of me ..idk but anywho we continue to talk he would drop lil hints that he was interested but I needed a clear answer he would say thing like..I would say wat r u doing n he would say waiting for my fav girl to see me ..I know for a fact that he genuinely cared about me we would offer to buy me things n he was the first one to call me at 12am on my birthday.But then 1 day we got into an arguement n he told me I was running out whatever that means so I fell back I was hurt n maybe we where talking to much so in the mix of all that he got back wit his girlfriend after a while later we started talking again but we both were distant things were not the same but after a lil while we did hit it off again but his girlfriend complained about me I fell back even tho I had feelings for him. I respected that he was in a I left for 8 months it was so hard at times because I had left for college n at times I really needed some 1 to talk to ..I mean I have my girls but I would be sad and talking to him he would cheer me up .he had that affect on me. So 1 day I texted him n he was happy to hear from me we hit it off again he texted me 1 day n said "as time permits n the future demands I say this to u with love n I miss u a lot"..I had founded out that his relationship had only lasted a month after I it s been months n where back to talking again a lot..but back in feb I sent him a vday card in it said that I value him as a person n how I appreciate the beauty of a friendship.well a month later we talked to each other and he called me sis for the first time n also tried to hook me up with his didn't work ...I was so hurt now he knows he ****** up so now he can't stop calling me..why did he do this???wat is his objective???...sum advice plz

  • I suggest you find the thread

    it operates on the puzzle that is cancer male. i reckon u can find replies to ur cancer mans puzzling behavior.

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