Help with Reading!! New to Tarot

  • I'm new to tarot. I asked how a potential mate feels about me I'm getting the Empress and the High Priestess. Is he thinking I am aloof in some way or overly feminine? The High Priestess is throwing me off.

  • Hi epjones1983,

    For me it would be, you are strong and you can accomplish want you want, the other card is there is stuff going on behind the sceens that you don't have control over, or that is being hidden.

    From me, I would turn the question around and ask what do I want and not worry what he thinks. You can only control your thoughts and your actions...if his actions fit in with yours than great otherwise you are just leaving yourself open to his whims and thoughts, but that is me being me


  • Thank You! I can understand the Empress card because I find that I can be strong but I'm really caring when it comes to him. The mystery of the High Priestess threw me off.

  • I don't want to be a pain...but not caring to him...Caring to you, the card was for you to have the power to create for yourself. Yes in a relationship to give of yourself is great, but wouldn't it be more comfortable is you went into a warm bath and gradually turn up the heat? or just jump in boiling water and pray for the best?

    just being me,


  • epjones1983, A little more transparency to get to know each other. Some avoidance to get there.

  • He thinks you are matronly, he enjoys your company, but he's missing passion.

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