1st love is incarcerated...need advice?cancer/pisces relationship

  • .Well 1night we got into an heated arguement at 5am in the morning, that afternoon he got arrested(the arguement was my fault, ).i was at work all day thinking bout how i was gonna go home n say sorry only to find out that he was gone. he had been in there for a few months then i finally wrote him(his sister begged me)i had said i was sorry. he understood, i was still a lil distant, at that time he was dating a girl(AN AQUARIUS).Well he gave her his myspace password, so she saw all our messages(nothin sexual) but we talk everyday via mail,phone so she was shocked in she pressed the issue to him.I fell back for almost a yr str8 because i have feelings for this boy n he was in a relationship wit this girl. Well I went off to college in aug 2008, i got back in contact wit him in jan 2009, the girl had been broke it off with him 7 months before i had go back in contact n his older sis had now had his password now.When we wrote me he said how he missed me alot,all our fun times, we also stated as time permits and the future demands.He had had his sister put a song on his page saying these lyrics''u kno i love u, care about u but u jus put this on yaself. now i should of been more man enough bout the way things went down especially est we been dealin for like 7 YRS now ive been slowly bringen u dont no convo, still u find a way to love me somehow." (end of lyrics)....well recently i founded myself not wanting to be with him, his is my first love, so i know he notice my switched approach hes a CANCER, i even met some 1(not in a relationship)so i sent him a friendly valentines day card saying"happy V-day friend"i said how i value him, n how i appreciate the beauty of a friendship. later after that he wrote me saying he has a friend in there n he thinks were compatible, n said that maybe me n the guy can be friends or something more, then this boy called me sis(outta how many years weve known each other) i was so hurt. now his mom n him are always calling me 3 way but i will not answer those calls.why did he do that 2 me??? what was his objective??..sum advice plz n no i dont want a relationship wit him!

    him (cancer)..july 2,1988...me(pisces) March 2,1988

  • Check the thread board topic for your questions


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