A request to Watergirl

  • Could i ask you for a reading regarding my love situation? Three months ago i met a man who seems to be a nice guy. Could you tell me what his intentions are?

    I have recently stopped communicating with a man i have known for five years (he is not from my country) and who meant a lot to me... is the separation for good?

    and one more thing... there is still another man who has started communicating with me recently... he seems to be suffering from depression because of some events which happened in his life some time ago...is he honest with me?

    In general what should i expect as far as my love life? What do you sense here Whatergirl?

  • I'll get back to you moonalisa...

  • Thank you Watergirl 🙂

  • Hi Moonalisa,

    I am not getting that any of these 3 is the right person for you. I keep getting "playfulness" which could mean that they aren't looking for something serious, but I also get a feeling with it like playful as in toying with you. Are these all men you have met online? That's the impression I'm getting. You need to get outside your comfort zone and start participating in activities where you will meet people in person. Online is ok as a way to get an initial introduction only. If it doesn't progress to dating fave to face then it's a dead end and really just a pen pal - not a romantic relationship. I am also getting that you reveal too much of yourself too quickly which is another side affect of online "dating".

  • thanks Watergirl... yes, i met all of them online but i thought that maybe the man i met 3 months ago will want to have a face to face meeting some time in the nearest future... i just seem to be unlucky in love department or too naive is the right word... it amazes me how accurate you are Watergirl in what you sense, really...

    thanks for you time:), all the best to you 🙂

  • Keep your chin up Moonalisa! Just keep practicing at learning to recognize when someone doesn't "see" you and move on to someone who will. It's easier not to be too naive when you are face to face. The written word only makes it easy for a person to be untruthful or to paint a picture that is different from the truth. You are dealing with words only which is only part of getting to know someone. Actions speak louder than words. When you are with someone physically you can see their gestures, facial expressions, how they treat other people, etc. Get out and about and meet people organically!

  • Thanks for your words of consolation Watergirl:) If it's not too much i would like to also ask you about my job... i am suspicious about what is currently happening in my workplace... my boss is far from being honest and i am afraid i can also be a victim of his manipulations and cunningness. i thought that he would behave fair towards me but apparently i was wrong... what can i expect from him and how should i approach my situation at work?

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  • I'll get back to you Moonalisa...

  • Whenever you have time Watergirl...

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  • Thank You Watergirl for your time and kindness:)

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  • This post is deleted!

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  • That's ok Watergirl. Take as much time as you need.:) i'll be here...

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