Making choices

  • I am embarking on the next chapter of my life. I have options, but want to make smart decisions. I nearly signed up for a training that would have put me way in debt and know the pull was because most of it sounded good, except the money. Seems like it is how I have selected relationships in the past. Most of it sounded good but...

    I have a really hard time listening to everything I know, not just part of what I know.

    It seems like the book is wide open and I can't choose, because I'm afraid I will make another faulty choice.

    I consult tarot, i ching, astrology, a psychic I work with and still have a hard time trusting the feedback. I so badly want to do the exact right thing and then can't move. Guess I am being the Scorpio sun Taurus moon I am.

    Thoughts are welcome.

  • Practice having more faith in yourself and in what God is doing for you and know that if you are working towards a greater good and are getting opportunities then you are doing quite well bc there are some on here that arent even getting many choices. If you choose something that isnt for you or make a mistake, its not the end of the world. You are trying to make wise decisions and I respect that but not making a choice you may miss opportunities that may not reappear again. Let go a little and have some more faith that God will see you through whatever you decide. We have instincts for a reason believe in yourself. You sound smart things will work out they always do.

  • Thank you lovinmylife. By the way that is a great id. It is so hard to remember to connect with god and get centered. I am so used to thinking it is all up to me, as if it ever were. And you are right, at least I have choices, but don't we all, really? Isn't it all perspective and thoughts? When I am sane I believe this. When I am twicked and often am these days, it has nothing to do with perspective and everything to do with an attempt at being perfect and trying to control and make a plan without any errors and without god.

  • as a practitioner I have seen this problem many times and your post has prompted me to write to this site for the first time. It boils down to a lack of self trust, as you indicate, and therefore over reliance on divination. What does divination tell you to do? Follow your good omens and your Scorpio instincts, try not to keep asking the same questions over and over, or seeking out more and more ways of asking your questions. When you do this divination has a way of leading you into paralysis - it stops playing. Divination does not mean that you never make mistakes or that you always find the perfect option or solution - it is there to help you through life's experiences, to make more sense of the lessons you are currently learning. Make your choices with confidence and happiness - good luck!

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