New Virgo Guy-So Confused...

  • So, I recently met this Virgo guy-and he's a work-aholic-always busy(yet still makes time to go out to bars and clubs, etc)-never texts me-I always have to initiate everything. He tells me that the feelings are mutual between us, we've hung out a couple times, done lots of couch and bedroom cuddling, kissing, but have never been out on a date. I don't expect him not to meet other girls, because we aren't really anything in depth at this point. There's usually a week in between our texts, he told me he doesn't chase and I respect that, but I feel like I'm doing all the work. Can't tell if he's borderline, just wants me as a cuddle buddy, or if there's the opportunity for more. I kind of want to be direct and ask him out on a date-think this could work? And if he's not interested, would the Virgo guy just just me down so I can move on? Or do you think he'd keep me hanging?

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  • Hi advice to you would be to read some of the postings under "the heart of a virgo man" you will find it very insightful and hopefully it will answer some of your questions.


  • Oh, gosh, I am experiencing the same thing here as well. These virgos are nice guys... but they wonder why their gfs have affairs??? I thought I was in love with one virgo... we were classmates back in the day(since grade school, middle school, and highschool ), so it was easy to let him into my heart, because we had mutual friends, my parents liked him... blah blah... he seemed like a keeper, I mean, he ended up getting better looking with age, he earns well, tall, dark and handsome, focused with his job, etc... Okay, but then, he acts soooo slow, but with other women he hinted with me in his prior relationships, he dates/sleeps with his coworkers (oh, another no-no.. bcause they a e workaholics, I don't agree with the shit in your bed sorta crap)... so that was a warning sign... but I liked his attitude and his easy going nature... so i thought, okay, I'll give mr. v a chance... I DID... in the end, he made empty promises of visiting me. I never promised him anything on my side, because I was always honest and real with his ass. I told him, the truth in everything that I felt towards him. But then it is heartbreaking when one comes to the realisation that he's finally not into you. So that's all it was... And the only thing I learned from him was that he's gotten charming with time. But he didn't appreciate me enough. Oh, and he acts like a machine... he even likens himself to a machine... now, with that, I cannot relate... because I am a highly creative, passionate, caring, hardworking,visual, sensual, emotive person. I cannot stand coldness and lack of heart. But when I sense it in others, I turn cold as well, so I mimicked his love... and I can't live that way. When he starts distancing himself towards me, I started distancing myself towards him as well. Maybe that's not the right approach with a virgo, but that's gonna be my first and last encounter with him. Just because I told him I liked him, so now he feels that I like him, shouldn't mean that he should take advantage of the genuineness in my loving nature that I have to offer. I think Sarah Martino, your time is very important, and if you love yourself, you'd ;let the guy go. I love myself a lot. And I know that even if I work a lot. I would never discount my love for anyone or let anyone do so to me. Just be a friend, but don't be too friendly. Stop the cuddling. I think a loveable pet dog will love and express his love more honestly and truthfully and unconditionally to you than any virgo.

  • oh, yeah, and that virgo who i thought I liked and had potential... he also goes to bars/clubs... and i always initiate things with him as well... a role which I loathe if I want to have a husband. We always have to PLAN things with him... but then, he doesn't fulfill his side of the deal... anyways, i just end up getting a headache thinking about him.

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