Lonely and not getting younger

  • I hope i'm doing this right this is my first time. i hope i am not the only one that feel this way about being along and not getting any younger. i have been along for almost 6yrs anf i do tarot reading hoping it wii say that the one is coming in my life but it only give me what i don't want to here that i have to wait longer for love and it 's not the right time. I need someone to give me some good news if i can get a reading with some news of a new love i would love it my birthday is june 13, 1960. as you can see i not young. i know it other that feel like i do please reply.

  • Dee...

    I know exactly what you mean. I myself am going on about 7 years without a significant other. And I too am hoping that sometime soon the fates will smile upon me. Actually, I'm afraid that I'm holding myself back. Having gone through so much hurt in the past (not without plenty joy too) that I am hesitant to hope for more. Every so often I will meet someone and see great potential - but I sabotage myself, by letting my dominant Cancer traits overtake my thinking. And rather than go through that stress of forming a new relationship, I let it go. It just seems easier! I know nothing worthwhile is EVER easy, but I'm older now, and feel like such a silly fool for always wanting someone to share with. I know it's hard, so very hard to be patient... but I think we have no choice. Nothing in my life has ever been easy, but most of it has been worthwhile, and I know sooner or later Love will come. Hope it helps to know you are not alone!

  • I am sure you are not the only one to feel this way! I just read on news Americans are so lonely!

    more so than other countries. So...what I have to give you are these words. Looking for love through another is the error. You ARE love. You are love. You are the one you are waiting for.

    The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle. The audio version if you can. Blessings~

  • I understand totally. Have been alone since 1993 as a widow and have been searching for the "Right One" since about 1994. Tried the internet for the most part and have met many men, most of them only looking for a good time. Have been in 3 relationships, all of which were men using me. Still stayed on the internet like a fool, and finally came upon a goup which I have now joined. This group is designed to connect a person with a person with whom they think should have all the qualifications these 2 are looking for. So far, have met 4 guys, the last one having possibilities for being the "Right One". Also joined eHarmony a couple of times, but didn't get anywhere. Along with all this, I do lots of praying to God and working on myself to keep my heart open to meeting the "Right One". Keep trying and don't give up.

  • Hi-

    Sorry- from what you described above- you are not alone at all.. You have been out with all these men. You spent time and met new people. This is certainly NOT alone. I think what you mean is you did not meet anyone willing to commit to a relationship. That is completly different from being alone. I am sorry I had to say this to you because I feel you are mking a mistake in your assumptions. Searching for a soulmate can be a lifetime- that is only normal for a lot of people. I think you will find someone when you will stop looking for him.

    If you want a reading I can do one for you on my blog.

    Good Luck to you!

  • To HighPO9

    I understand what you are saying, but I do feel alone most of the time. Since I lost my husband, there just hasn't been anyone who feels for me the way I felt for him. Not that I'm looking for the same type of man, it's just that I'm looking for a man whom I can love who would love me back.

    Being alone is really a different kind of life that I never thought I would have at the age of 51. Thought it would be when I was older, perhaps in my 70's or 80's.

    You do have a point when you say that I'll find someone when I stop looking.

    Thank you for the response. Really appreciate it.

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  • Not to toot my own horn, but I, too, have been contacted by "younger" guys, ages 45 and below. It's too bad that I'm not in that category, but would like someone in their late 50's to 70 year old. Have been asked if I'm looking for "younger" guys, but that's not the case. They contact me. It is quite a compliment, but am looking for someone for the long term. Know that it will happen, but have to be patient, which I've been.

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  • What a wonderful Valentines update! Good for you! Wishing you a future filled with love and happiness!

    Gives hope to us all. :-))

  • Oh what the heck....I see a lot of women here who are looking. Just want you to know that there are lots of sincere good men out there who would like to find someone too. Case in point.....Anyone want to meet my dad? lol! Im serious. He'll be 72 y.o. in March. A pisces! Loves travel, very well educated, and he is still working because he loves it. He's loyal, honest,kind, intelligent, and on and on. It would make me so happy if he could meet a nice lady to enjoy his life with. He is not actively looking and is hoping that someone will just come along. I think someone may just need a push! In my opinion, he'd really enjoy meeting someone with a spiritual side. He is a very logical scientific thinker but is open minded to other beliefs and gets a kick out of discussing my books about souls and reincarnaton and crystals and tarot etc. So...there you go. There's one good guy out there I can whole heartedly recommend. I'll be accepting applications...... 🙂

    Happy Valentines everyone! XXX

    I'm turning this thread into tarot.match.com!

  • There you are you little rascal! Hope you have had a great day of love!

    Everyone has been looking for you at the Captains party! I had to leave for a bit but may pop back in. You just never know!

    I bet your Dad is great. I mean Pisces! HELLO! My Daddy was a Pisces and you would never meet a better individual.

    Love the 'love match' idea. On another thread, there are two I feel should get together.

    Are yall listnin' Mizzlibra&MrChev???

    Good to 'see' you Stonyeye! :-))

  • Hahaha! The Catain's party! How could I have forgotten?? hmmm...maybe I can do so more matchmaking over there too! lol! I'll see if I notice the possible sparks between libra+chev ! Too fun. Maybe they'll read this here and get the idea. Happy V Day RagBag! Hope it's been a good day for you. Sending you a big virtual hug and a bouquet of your favorite flowers! Do you like tulips? XX

  • I love all flowers! Big hugs back to you!

  • Deelove. Have only just found this blog and really identify with you right now, and hope you may have found someone. I try and have faith in a better future and give and receive love where I can in this world. I would like to know how you are getting on with your quest.

    wishing you peace and love

  • Emaginpeace hit upon the right answer.You are Love.Live your life knowing that you were not placed upon this earth to be unhappy.Events happen but how we treat ourselves during these situations is important.For me,my cup is always half full and acknowledge my blessings every day.Love is here,in me and for me.

    Much happiness to each of you

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  • LMAO@ RagBag, Have you been reading the posts? I've been bored an Mrcheve is like a pen pal.

  • LOL thats funny right there, i never seen this thread before, me and mizzlibras are just helping out each other, but we do have alot in common HAHA hey mizzlibra what state you live in?? lol

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