• Hello TarotNick! I just got out of a relationship of 5 years. Loved this person to death, but he started from one moment to the next feeling sick... we thought it was depression... from the change. He said had nothing to do with the ex because there hadn't been nothing there for years already. She tried suicide... attempted, 3 times... he didn't resist that and went back because they have a daughter. I think it was guilt. so he went back. I would just like to know if you see this has ended for me between him or not.

    I also applied for a new job position, was called in for a second interview. Do you see a job change for me soon?

    Thank you so much and appreciate an insight from you 🙂

  • Hi tostada,

    This is a pick up off your feelings,

    Your worried about yourself, careful you don't fall into trap of what about me and the sky is falling, it can turn into a circle of woe

    The burden you are carrying will test you

    You will make it through but it will cost you emotionally, be strong, and mentally prepare

    The person will be exposed, but he is good at hiding it and playing the game

    There is going to be disappointment, you are trying to start something, it takes a pause or stalls

    You have someone watching out for you, a strong protection feeling

    There is going to be an argument over plans, watch what you start, it is not fully thought through

    A period of peace will show up, breath that in and recharge yourself

    After that peace sets in you will think things through and start something...it feels like a smile, so that is good

    Be bold make it happen, you will use your thought process on this one...plan and create

    Hope that helps,


  • thank you so much,,... you helped a lot.... lots of light to you too 🙂

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  • Hi TarotNick.... I have money that I am giving back to a partner I had,, of the relationship I talked to you about. I am giving it back, because I want to and I feel I should. after I transfer this money to him, do you see anything happening?

  • If this situation is part of the first 8 lines, then from a perspective of 10,000 feet (I like to say like in an airplane you only get an overall view and not the particulars) it looks like you had some things to go through...emotions...and someone manipulating a situation before you have peace. Once you get through that things smooth out. You will know or just listen to yourself and trust yourself.

  • yes.. he was pressing me he wanted his money back... knowing that I was getting the loan done from the bank, I think it was the ex wife pressuring him behind or someone putting in his head I wasn't going to return the money. but I sent a message back today saying the loan went through and he was getting his money. I think from his reply he eased down. that's why I was asking if things will change...

  • also,,... sorry... do you see someone coming into my life... soon? someone I was involved with ... or someone new? thank yuou so much

  • The feeling I got was more that you concentrate more on you and your focus of what you want...nothing had popped up, but the bigger message was you.

  • Hi tarotnick... i need help.. i need to know if you feel someone is soon going to contact me... and if this person is someone i havemt spoken to in a ling time... thank you so much

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