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  • hello, I ended a relationship I was in for the past 5 years. I would like to know if this has ended for good... or if he is going to try coming back. I also applied for a job, that I was interviewed for... and was called again for a second interview... is there a job change in my life for me?

    Thank you so much

  • You didn't really end the relationship though for yourself, did you, if you hope he will come back?

    Yes I feel a job change is definitely on the cards soon for you. Just don't give up and don't reject work offers that may not be exactly what you think you want..

  • ok thank you!! I was called for a second interview... its between me and 2 other ladies. and I think I stand a good chance between the both of them. Are you saying that if I hope for him to come back he will? is that it? I didn't understand. Thank you so much again Captain. I just have a feeling we are not done with this relationship from what I was already told.

    thank you!

  • If you give me your birth date and his, I can give a more specific compatibility reading.

  • My date is 23 june 1976. His is 30 october1964

  • This can make for a great love affair but will be problematic for marriage or a long term commitment. The deep and lasting bond of the spirit in this relationship will afford both of you great intimacy, and your understanding and trust can deepen over time. Interest in philosophical, religious or new-age thought is often prominent here, and the ideas derived from these schools of thought can be put into effect in practice. Even if the two of you are not overtly involved in spiritual pursuits, however, your relationship will manifest a love of silence, peace, meditation, contemplation and visualization, all of which points in the direction of true spirituality.

    A love affair can do well here, though it will often be of short duration, but if both of you can agree to persevere whatever the difficulties, then long-term prognosis is good. But only if both of you want it to last. Sexual attraction can run high here. Although you express yourself more sensually and he more sexually, the relationship manifests a nice balance between the pleasurable and the erotic. Nor does it acknowledge a strict separation between the physical and the spiritual, viewing the pleasures of table and bed as only further evidence of the handiwork of God, or of a benevolent force in the universe. An openness to and interest in tantra, the Kama Sutra and oriental erotica in general would not be uncommon here.

    Marriage would seem the next step for you, but you or he may see it as unnecessary, usually for idealistic or ideological reasons or perhaps because one person is not unattached. The actual purpose of the relationship is more about bringing each of you to understand your own non-material side, since the relationship can encourage a more spiritual orientation here than any lasting physical bond.

    So be grateful for what you learned, but don't cling to any hope of a lasting relationship once the purpose for meeting up has been discharged.

  • Hi captain... do you sense i am going to be contacted soon by someone that hasnt spoken to me in a long time?*

  • ...

  • What do these cards mean?

  • I read the cards as no, you will not be hearing from him. If he is popping up in your mind it's because you haven't resolved the loss emotionally. You need to let him go.

  • Oh and thank u for the quick reply watergirl

  • I read the cards as no, you will not be hearing from him. If he is popping up in your mind it's because you haven't resolved the loss emotionally. You need to let him go.

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