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  • HI Daliolite,

    My view of physical death is evolving, but I think the primary concern as it relates to emotional investment, is having people be dependent on me. It is emotionally draining, and I don't know how nurses and other healthcare staff manage to handle it. Underneath my baggage, is someone who wants to comfort and heal those in distress. I've taken to caring for my cat very easily. I'm breaking under the load of the care-giving responsibility, but the actual interactions with him are something I enjoy/cherish. But on the flip side, I had been an emotional support to a significant other many years ago, who had mental illness - and it left me broken and not myself. I also felt let down by the counselors and psychiatrists we saw - who must have seen that I was having depression/post-traumatic stress - and should have told me to leave the relationship, instead of trying to hang on. I'm wary of the counselling aspect of social work for this reason.

    I guess my instinct is to comfort, but also empower others - in a way that does not foster dependency or re-trigger my own issues, and in which I can maintain my own boundaries.

  • Danceur, Last paragraph--exactly and very well stated. There are many issues w/people in their particular state. You have to meet them where they're at.

  • How do we do that though? I can empathize with people, but I'm not terribly persuasive.

    I'm really bad at influencing action or change. It's partially because I don't really align with the idea of intervention. From my own experience, you can listen and provide the tools - but you can't coerce anybody into anything - they need to be ready to do it. And you shouldn't feel that you are responsible for the outcome of their decisions/non-action. That was the mistake I made when I was caring for my ex - I got too involved. But if you do this as a job, eg in social work, there can be dire consequences if you can't influence the change in mindset. In a sense, you can't afford not to be successful.

    Lots of things to think about.

  • Hi Daliolite, I think you are a sweet, giving and truely loving and kind person. God bless you. Xx

  • Danceur, I would talk w/social workers in different fields. You can't take on or assume responsibility for the decisions someone makes. I like healthcare. I don't like the many management shifts we've had and we've had a lot.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thanks for engaging with me on this.

    Helps to talk it out with someone and I really appreciate it 🙂

    Good to keep the options open and just explore.

    I found out there is a career conversion Graduate Diploma program for Social Work. It incorporates a paid full time work/study program, where you work at the job during the week and attend classes on weekends. But it's highly competitive, like 800 applications for 40 places. Will look out for information sessions.

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  • Daliolite

    I am embarrassed to say that try as I might I have not been successful at getting an email to go through to you. They all bounce back as undeliverable no matter what I type or how I tweek your address. I'd still like to send you my book. Does this forum have a private message section? Some others that I have looked at do.


  • Sadsag, Good to hear from you! When looking at my address make sure there are 2 d's in it, one #2, and a #7 at the end. Keep trying. If not successful, let me know.

  • Definitely had all of that in there. I'll try again and let you know.

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