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  • Sadsag, Didn't see it. So, anyway I close sometimes and say goodday2you7 on that network msn. It's a pen meanng good day to you 7 days a week.

  • Daliolite, yes he is in high school. He is naive and we may have sheltered him too much, He has been diagnosed with OCD so yes he is different and he can see that. He constantly says he just wants to be normal or be like himself before the OCD took over him. Can you see anything else between him and the girl you see? When we see kids from school at the store or when we are out, they call out his name and say hi and he sort of blows them off because he doesnt know just what to say and he doesnt want to say the wrong thing. Do you see this getting better.


  • Bugatigirl, Will do a reading expressly what can help...Give me a few days as I have 1 ahead of yours.

  • Thanks Daliolite, I did a reading for myself yesterday and I am curious to how it will differ from your reading. I am brand new to tarot cards so very curious so see what yours says. Thanks again!

  • CurlyY, You're not following your intuition on this one. You haven't expressed yourself to him but you're waiting and wondering how it might/could be--2 of swords in advice. I think you already know that this is not ideal on many levels and will trample any ideas of ideal that you might have. This reading reads of going dutch. This person will not SHARE anything. Let your cup run over on this one--have you had enough. I feel as though there's 3 people in this scenario. You/your friend and someone else. It's hard to say that he's playing the field because he has this take it or leave it personality. A stubborn and fixed personality--4 of coins in foundation. Things are not that good or transparent w/this person.

  • Thanks so much Daliolite. My reading came out completely different but that could be because I am still super cloudy and there are definitely other people involved. I broke up with my boyfriend over the weekend and he (the guy let's call him "C") told me he started dating someone recently but isn't serious with her. My ex boyfriend still has hopes of getting back together but I feel like I need to resolve my feelings for "C" before I can wholly pursue another relationship. I have told "C" that I have feelings for him, 1.5 years ago and he gave me a vague response. His response was that he has lots of fun hanging out with me" without any other info and left it at that which is why I initially cut ties.

    When we reconnected again he tried to see me constantly and texted me constantly until I told him I was dating someone and then at the same time he started dating another girl. I don't feel like I should tell him how I'm feeling because I don't think there will be benefit. If something could develop the ball is in his court after all this time.

    I am still not clear on his potential feelings/intentions based on this reading but it seems like the cards are advising me not to pursue. Thoughts appreciated.

  • CurlyY, Someone is tight w/money. The reading is about your 1st or initial question. Hanging-out is a cheap date. Not that you're cheap. It's watching TV instead of going to a restaurant. What you're really wondering is if the hanging-out guy is potentially your prince on a horse---no. He may seem or appear to be busy to avoid commitment. There is a phobic fear to him. There has been someone else involved. You haven't accepted the aspects of this relationship. I didn't specifically ask for info on him just advice on this relationship. He appears to want things when he wants it.

  • You are definitely describing him to a T. He is very very calculating with money and not very generous or warm. I think there is a possibility that he's not over an ex. Thank you for this reading, it is what I wanted to confirm. Really appreciate it!

  • thank u i will wait for the reading. 🙂

  • Bugatigirl, Will start yours soon.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Understand that you're working in healthcare (hope I'm not mistaken)?

    What is it like - specifically the work culture/environment?

    I'm asking because I have been gravitating towards the healthcare industry, but I'm a bit hesitant now. I've heard that in spite of the nature of the industry (caring & healing), it's a given for there to be workplace bullying, politics and power play in healthcare institutes. And, not unlike the military, you end up not being in a position to fight back because of the hierarchical culture (eg when people pull rank on you). It seems very different from the private sector companies/MNCs that I've been working in.

    Also, in my country, there is not enough legislation for healthcare institutes to protect employees against abusive/violent patients/family members.

    In my search for an alternative career, I want to be mindful that it's not just the job that has to fit, it's the work environment/people too.

  • Danceur, Well, you're absolutely right. I'm in an area w/very little employment. Healthcare is always a field where you can get a job. There are mobile jobs in the healthcare field. Visiting patients. If you want to go into Xrays, there are mobile units. I don't know what area you're thinking about. If it's a hands-on field, like physical therapy, it may be demanding on your body. LVN programs are usually a yr but you can be on your feet a lot. You have to be detail oriented and not afraid of the work. You have to put fear aside and just do it. Remember a lot of healthcare can be taxing on your body.

  • ; )

  • Bugatigirl, Your reading is talking about several things regarding your son. First, in regards to his relationships, he feels bound, tied and can't move forward. There is some major dysfunction w/his relationships. I don't know if it's referring to the GF specifically. He hasn't been forthright with you or you don't know everything. Some of this is teenage stuff--trying to make a path, finding his way. A challenge for him to move forward--ace of wands in challenges. He needs help and may be a financial hardship for you to provide. He doesn't feel free to open up. I don't know how to interpret the dysfunction. Whatever it is seems to be an area where he can't open up and talk about. That is where he needs the help. He might be tied to an idea of how he's supposed to be.

  • ps--something I wanted to mention was status. Perhaps fitting in has to do w/what others have/have not. This is sometimes an issue w/teenagers. Image, etc.

  • Yes Daliolite he feels that he doesnt fit it. He has a small group of friends. He seemed pretty happy today and is making plans for a night out with friends. Thanks for the reading.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    In my country, healthcare jobs are mostly available in the public/government sector only - which is the one where I heard all this dodgy stuff. We don't have mobile units. There are private companies and smaller nursing homes/community care outfits - I suppose there could be less politics and bullying - but less staff, budget and automation and you have to do everything yourself/manually.

    I do prefer hands on work and i was considering physical therapy. But I'm not sure any vocation in healthcare is appropriate now because of my injury. I'm still a long way off from being fully mobile. I had a look at nursing but it doesn't seem like a fit, as I'm squeamish and there's this push/pull thing about wanting to help but not wanting to be involved.

    If I'm not mistaken, an LVN's role is that of primary care-giving? It's called a different name in my country I think. But I really don't have it in me to take care of people so closely - and also, be at their mercy. Not anymore. I'm not sure if being an RN would provide a good enough balance/detachment; that's a 4 year degree course and it appears to have varied career pathways.

    Have a history of giving too much to others - or sacrificing my own needs for the greater good - until I don't want to do it anymore. Want to help, but I don't want to be depended on. Feel like I need to be mindful of this, in considering an alternative career. Also feel as it will help heal this chasm, if I'm in a position to put myself first.

  • Danceur, I don't think PT would be a fit. You have to transfer, lift, walk people, etc. Sounds like your knowledge is pretty good and you've done some research. If you enjoy helping w/some detachment and not quite hands-on, social work might be an option. W/ Direct healthcare you really have to have a strong motivation in that direction.

  • Yes - I feel the same about PT. Previous readings keep indicating I should pursue it but I feel like I missed the boat on that one. Maybe it's potential that I used to have.

    I have utmost respect for Nurses and what they do - I would agree as well that Nursing is a calling. But isn't Social Work too, though? I have been exploring it and it seems it is very hands-on and there is a lot of emotional involvement. Honestly I feel like damaged goods and wondering why I'm considering care professions when I have issues of being needed too much, and I'm sensitive to being in chaotic environments, with too much emotional interactions. It doesn't make sense - maybe I'm really mistaken about being drawn to healthcare. But I suppose it helps to talk it out. Perhaps I might need to look into volunteer work instead. But then, it still begs the question of what alternative field might suit me as a main occupation, in which I can harness my softer side, without hurting myself.

  • Danceur, Volunteering would help so you'd get an idea. I'm trying to steer clear (for you) from the phys. demanding end of it. At first, social work may be emotionally demanding on you. It's a process. In healthcare, I feel, a lot depends on your idea of death and how well you deal w/it. I don't feel someone has "left" or it's the end. Some things to think about. Getting more education/training is always good. One thing I try to keep in mind is that I'm not alone in what I'm dealing w/ and others are going thru the same. And it's ALWAYS easier said than done. I do feel w/more credentials/educaton you bypass some bull that you get on lower level jobs.

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