Taking Requests for Readings continued..

  • Firesoul, Like I said there are a lot of people in this reading and I can't help but feel that his family plays into all of this. When I first drew this reading, it was like, how am I going to figure all of this out and the roles here. Kinda daunting. I also feel that it's early-on for him and he's just not ready to accept his feelings, etc. There is an attraction that's undeniable--king of cups in advice.

  • I think I finished all the requests on this thread. I will stop for awhile and resume later when I have more time. Thanks for the opportunity...!

  • i understand, thanks for the insight btw... much appreciated!!

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  • Daliolite - I would like to give you a reading, in exchange for one..

    I don't really have anything that's urgent but I could gain other insight into how to continue to build a audience for a major project I have coming up.. See, my project involves intellectual property that has already been proven to attract character thieves.. So, before presenting this - I want to ensure that I have attracted a large enough audience, so the project originator pounds of large enough base of people recognizing that they have originated the material before anyone could secretly steel it..

    Thank you

  • I asked for Divine insight only, and for a card that would best demonstrate the best guidance for Daliolite on tarot.com

    Response: Death

    I also heard, "focus your energy's".

    I think you know what needs to come to an end, or what may already be in the process of transforming..

  • EmpreStar, Yes, very well acquainted w/the Death card. I'm focusing my energy on moving-on and not a whole lot more. You hit it on the nail and thank-you for that. I'm quite scattered a lot with things that play out in my head over and over. That's the part I can block out when I change my environment. Which I've done and I feel better. Need to focus. Ok, will do one for you shortly.

  • EmpreStar, This is one of those readings that is very specific to the situation. I don't feel comfortable w/ it because of this. You do tarot so that helps. I feel like you've been critiqued before on this project or are dealing w/someone in control or whose support you need to get it going. This person presents themselves as being distant--emperor in challenges. This is your idea--correct. You want to know if it's going to take-off, you've been working hard on it--6 of wands in future position/8 of coins in outcome. If you are working w/another on it perhaps it's the other person whose a block. I feel like you've been ripped apart on some level. Your hands are tied at some point. There's something about you or the situation that needs to be fine-tuned--knight of swords reversed in foundation/10 of swords in advice. Dissatisfaction/illusion/what will happen in present. I drew the Moon crowning 5 of cups in the present part of your reading. I draw the Moon a lot for people that are disillusioned with the path that their job/work is taking and want to step-out and do something different. If something is stolen, it'll be because it can be worked-out better, improved, etc. It feels like you want to develop it/produce it yourself. Maybe it's not ready to be presented to a bigger audience (yet)--what do you think. I feel like you've had this idea before and you wouldn't accept something about it. Perhaps someone offered help and you wanted to do it yourself--hope you can relate.

    present--5 of cups


    foundation--knight of swords (rev)

    situation--8 of swords

    past--4 of cups

    future--6 of wands--this is what you'd like to see happen

    blocks--knight of cups

    environment--ace of wands (rev)

    advice--10 of swords

    outcome--8 of coins--Your main question is will your hard work pay-off. You may need to fine tune it.

  • Daliolite, thanks for the offer of a reading. If you still have time, I would like to know if my son will get a girlfriend sometime soon? He is learning to drive and joining clubs in school, i hope he finds someone soon. He is sad about not having a girlfriend.

    thank you!

  • Bugatigirl, Ok

  • Bugatigirl, Is he distancing himself or who is distancing themselves. I'm trying to find out who this card is referring to.

  • he distance himself from people

  • He is trying but when he gets a small set back he pulls away


  • Bugatigirl, Ok will post soon

  • Hi Bugatigirl, I was going to ask you what grade he's in. I think that's important as to the effects of relationships he's experiencing right now. Like, there may be a lot more concern if he's in high school as opposed to 7th, 8th, etc. He may be trying to reverse the effects of loneliness that's he's experiencing right now--hierophant crowning 4 of swords. Drawing into the group. Groups seem to be ok, minor conflict--hierophant crowning, 5 of wands in environment. Trying to reverse the feeling that his hands are tied or he can't speak-up. Victim of words.circumstance--8 of swords reversed in situation of reading. 8 of swords rev--this felt like perhaps a different person like a female. I also feel like he may be trying to reverse the effects of feeling like he doesn't matter/his hand are tied/or sitting on the side-lines. There's a couple of cards that are room for concern. I don't know the specifics but will try and help. The devil is in blocks--enough said. Relationships have/are dysfunctional. I feel as though relationships are dysfunctional but I don't think it's because of him. There's room for concern regarding what the dysfunction is--is he different in some way. Felt as though he doesn't fit in. I feel like there's a girl that is similar to him in some way. Tower (rev) is in advice. Change happens for a reason. You don't want him basing or not letting change happen based on dysfunction of others. People move-on all the time. Develop his own talents, career--that's ok. He may have a hard time accepting change. He is trying to find his place amidst all of this. I think it's important for you to try, in a non-covert way, to encourage him. This is no doubt a very trying time for him. He feels a loss and that's a challenge--5 of cups in challenges. 8 of wands in foundation--he's actually a doer/independent. This is a good card in foundation. Exploring the possibilities. He's a bit of a romantic (don't tell him I said so.)--knight of cups in past position. Good luck and let me know if I can answer anything.

  • Hi Daliolite, I would like a reading if you're still offering.

    Two years ago I dated someone briefly but he called it off after a month giving only vague reasons. He then continued to ask me to hang out with him as friends and was very persistent and sent mixed signals. Early last year I started developing real strong feelings for him so I cut ties... he was again persistent in contacting me but I didn't talk to him for almost a year until I was over it. This past year we connected again and it's the same mixed signals (and realized I may not be totally over him). I would like to know what his intentions/true feelings may be. Thanks!

  • Daliolite,

    I sent you a message. Let me know if you didn't get it.


  • CurlyY, Ok, give me a couple days.

  • sadsag, What day did you send it and your first name.

  • I sent it on Friday and put sadsag in the subject line.

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