Taking Requests for Readings continued..

  • Okay PLEASE do! I really need this money so that I Can move forward in my life.

    Further insights from you would be helpful.

  • Could I too get a reading? I need guidance with matters of the heart. Dated a guy this summer, but at a standstill. Not sure if I should continue or move on to someone else?

  • Asia118x, A struggle coming from the past in path and career. Looks as though you've caged yourself in. Looks like you're ready for something different. I also think that you're asserting yourself more. You're testing the waters--temperance crowning 5 of swords. Money is an issue and 4 of coins in situation is telling me that you're hanging-on due to lack of finances. There's a feeling here of moving or relocating. You need help and you've looked to family for that-6 of coins in foundation. Devil is reversed in blocks--this is good. What seemed difficult before, you seem to be dealing effectively with. I read before that the devil and 7 of cups in the same reading can indicate mental illness. Both of these cards are reversed. I think you're dealing with these issues in your life. I don't know if you're thinking of leaving or someone else has. Appears you've made strides on your own. Will you be able to elsewhere. There is some issue w/words, communication. I don't know how to read this--king of swords (reversed) in advice position. Maybe you won't hear from the person you need to. It's to strengthen you, I feel. It seems your reading is talking about stepping out on your own. It's seems like you're going from the city to country or vice versa. Surroundings are changing. You need to get somewhere that will help financially. Surviving on less.

  • I will get to everyone's reading, going down the list. May take a while.

  • Hello Daliolite, I came across your reading offers, and I'm currently interested in one. Thanks in advance for offering these quick readings to me and us all. I'll be eagerly and patiently waiting for my turn as well :]

    My reading Question:What will happen between me and Timothy?

    Minor info.

    I have an ongoing issue with him. We are both guys and i no longer understand what he wants or feels in relations to me. He says one thing, but his actions shows another. I feel like he is keeping his true feelings from me but i'm not sure anymore. Will we end up together in a relationship, or will we end up leaving each other for good?

  • nicky643,

    Do you have a child/ren.

  • No, I do not Dal.

  • Nicky643, What stands out to me in your reading is the need for communication. Specifically, not to wait on others' opinions and not be bound by what others think, say or do. Waiting on someone to make it "happen" in life is an obstacle--6 of wands crowning (rev), magician in present (rev), queen of swords in foundation (rev). At times, it feels like you met this person in passing and now you don't see as much. This reading is talking about the life you desire which is a happy family life w/children. It feels like you need a relationship to help you accomplish what you need in life. Don't settle for less--this seems to be a challenge. You don't need a relationship to get by. Ace of swords is blocked and queen of swords is reversed in foundation of reading. This is big. Words, communication, following-thru and logic are blocked. I don't know if something was said or something you said or something that you carry with you. Put all negative thoughts and ideas (words) away--don't carry w/you. I believe you're waiting for him to offer or make the first move. Move on. Don't be bound. This person may be stuck or changing. I don't feel they're in a good position for a relationship at this time. Hope you can relate.

  • Yes, Dal I agree. This person is not in a position to offer a long-term relationship. I am now sure of it. Just hope I meet someone else who is more deserving of me. 🙂 Do you see anything in the future with regards to another person? Thank you for the reading!

  • Dal, your reading was very good. Yes, I stopped communication with this person because I was frustrated the way things were progressing and had hope he would reach out. However, I now realize this person was never looking for something serious and is playing the field. This person will never settle down, and so I am moving on! Hope the future looks better for me. Thank you again!

  • nicky643, I'll respond later ok, this eve, late.

  • Thank you Dal! I appreciate it. Again your reading was precise. Have a nice day!

  • nicky643, Readings are never yes or no and they talk about a lot. I do 11-card readings. In the advice position I drew the 6 of swords. There were a lot of swords in your reading. I feel that you're not moving on or forward for some reason. Something is preventing you from expressing yourself and you might be giving your power away. For your sake and any future relationship that you may have a real "barrier" is this inability to express yourself or make your own path. Know what direction that you want and be the captain of your destiny. You're not going to move ahead when you know or think others will steer things. If you want good communication, express that. In the environment/friends section of your reading I drew the 8 of swords. In the blocks section I drew the ace of swords. You can look-up these cards and focus on the picture and read the meaning. There are many fish in the sea. You want to focus on that special one/you're waiting on that special one--page of cups outcome/10 of cups in the future position. You will know it's the special one when there's open communication, etc. Join in the dance and know your direction. There's a chance of meeting someone but until you assert yourself you can be taken in the wrong direction.

  • Thank you Dal! Yes, I need to move on and forget the person I dated this summer- who is WRONG for me on all levels. Can't meet another person if I am stuck. And yes communication is key.

  • DOnt forget about my reading in page 3 :]

    Just wanted to remind you because I k now you are getting a bunch of requests, and you are trying hard to get to them all. Thanks again in advance for the offers :}

  • FireSoul, You're welcome. I'll get to yours after I finish the one ahead of yours.

  • Firesoul, Gonna start yours soon. Will be back.

  • alrighty thanks in advance 😄

  • Firesoul Your reading is either talking about different aspects of yours/his personalities or there are several people represented. The several people are probably parent figures. Are you close to your mom. I believe he is more "guarded." You are working hard trying to make sure you've done everything right in regards to this relationship. Have you done this right, what do you do next, will this happen if you do this or that, etc. In the situation and advice position are two male figures. Communication seems to be guarded, not as free-flowing and so are emotions. How do we proceed from here. I believe that you are represented by the suit of wands. You're ready to proceed, more a doer than a thinker at times. This aspect of your personality is being challenged--knight of wands in challenges position. I'm not sure that I'm wording this right. I've got two males here and I'm also seeing the feminine side of these two. Your friend is not sure of his role. That seems to be upside down. I think you're reading is also mentioning the role of your mom in your life--is that right. You don't want to spend a lot of time and money although you'd like to build something w/this person. This is part of your overall make-up/personality. Right now there's a tendency to go all out for this relationship. I think it's reached a calm--king of cups in advice. It feels like he's too young maybe to make a choice--page of cups in blocks, if you can relate. Or not ready to at this time. Hope you can relate.

  • yes i can relate. I've been trying to fire out what will happen between us or rather will he ever tell me the truth.

    We are both guys, I would be the first guy he would ever have dated / felt anything for in that relation. He is being very guarded in revealing how he feels to me so the communication is horrible atm.

    I have issues with family on my end, he kinda has issues, but from what he says, His mom and dad are great people [no issues with them atm].

    Yes i am trying hard / doing w.e i can to fix everything, but he has free will so I cannot and will not control him nor his decision.

    I'm ready to go all out. And currently everything has reached a point where a decision must soon be made, and ill be permanent this time. But like i stated before, he being so secretive and prideful. He just doesn't want to tell me in anyways how he feels towards me. And if it slips out, he just tries to play it off or make excuses.

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