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  • Hello, how are you? I was called for a second interview tomorrow, for a job I applied for. Apparently they want to decide whether they want me or not. This would be a great opportunity and promotion for you feel I will get this position... if I am going to get a job change?

    Thank you!!!

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  • Hi Tostada,

    It's been a long day and I'm tired so can't really get a clear read right now. However, from a practical standpoint, 2nd interviews (at least where I come from) mean you made it through the first cut and are being seriously considered. The next cut would be to final 2 or 3. It's been almost a week so you should call them to follow up. First reason is the obvious one - to get an answer to the question you asked me. 2nd reason is to show them you have initiative and really want the job. If you want to really impress them be prepared to state what you will bring to the table - how hiring you would benefit them. If you asked good questions at your interview you will know what is important to them.

    Good luck!

  • thank you!! also... when you can... I would like to know about a relationship between me and another man I ended recently .... we were together for 5 years... and lived together for 4 months... he got divorced, to build a life with me... but the ex wife interfered... tried killing herself twice. they have a daughter, and he didn't handle the pressure... towards the end even looked like I didn't know him anymore,,. I saw he fought so much to be with me... but told me he had to leave, because he could n;t go on living knowing the ex was sick.... I think it was guilt. I just wanted to know if this has ended really between us..

    thank you so much for your time.

  • hi watergirl, how are you? I was just curious if you were able to see anything for me? thank you!

  • Tostada,

    I think the relationship you spoke of was just a life lesson for you. Most women go through it in one form or another. I think if you looked back on it and assessed the situation honestly with an outsider point of view you would realize that he never really was "yours." It's never a good idea to get involved with someone who is married - regardless of the circumstances. Personally, I wouldn't even want to get involved with someone who is newly divorced as men tend to latch onto someone right away and then unceremoniously dump her later when they are truly ready to move on with their lives. Chalk it up to experience, forgive yourself, forgive him, forgive his ex-wife, and move on.

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