• Hi, I am well aware that cancer man is a very confusing sign and filled mood swings. I have met a guy and we have been talking on the phone none stop and he would text me all the time. I didn't even have to think twice when I pick up my phone that I will have a message or a missed call from him. We are in a long distance relationship and phone is the only thing we rely on. One day he just made himself less available for him, does not call as much, he reads my texts but does not reply. Occasionally he will send me a smiley face but it's not as active as it was. I am not sure if I should just let it go, I can't continue send "check in messages" or wait for his call. I like the guy but I am not sure what happened. Today when we spoke he said he only has 10 minutes for me and can't speak for long and that will call later but still nothing.

  • Yeah, typical Cancer man "hot and cold' behaviour - he's backing away because something you said turned him off. It's not your fault. He is looking for the ideal partner who doesn't exist and holds everyone to very high (impossible) expectations. Don't waste any more of your time here. Move on!

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