Any insight into a libra man?

  • I messed around and fell in love with a libra man! He is just that too. He is amazing to me and the single greatest lover (mind, body, and soul) that i have ever known. But on the other hand...hes done some pretty despicable things over the past yr n a half or so... I wanna know if hes being honest with me when he exsplains himself...or if hes showing his other side.

  • Hi Dahlbaby,

    I grounded and cleared and asked Spirit for an answer for your question that was the Truth of the White Light and for The Highest Good. I am told that your instincts are unfortunately correct. He likes what he has in having you in his life, but he will not change anything if it would only mean he’d keep the relationship.

    Rely on your own inner guidance.

    In Love and Light,


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