• Hello.... i just got out of a relationship that tore me apart. I thought i was loved by this man, but he ended up leaving me. We were together for give years . He got divorced last year to build a life with me. We livedtogethet only six months. Thats how long we lasted. He told me he lived me unconditionally and everuthing was going to work. His ex wife tried committing suicide 3 times. As per her... she did that because of someone else in her life. But he didnt resist and said he couldnt go on knowing his ex was sick. He said he didnt love me anymore like he use to and left me. i need to know if that is how he feels. If this was someone's doing or if he just stoppoed loving me. Also... i would like to know if we have ended this. Tgank you so much

  • Sorry but I feel he was using you to gain some comfort while his wife was 'ill', a sort of stopgap. I don't think it was ever true love on his part. Forget him - he was not the ideal partner you thought he was. You deserve better.

  • Thank you so much. You are right.... i do deserve better. Thank you again!

  • Hello Captain, do you see anything good coming for me? anyone new in my life? Or am I going to have someone that was part of my life, try to talk to me again?

  • I do feel someone new coming to you in the next few months...that is, if you can completely move on from this other man, so that there is room in your heart.

  • thank you so much.. I believe I am starting to do that already.... I am taking care of myself... and thinking about my well being and my daughters.

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