• Hello,, hope all is well with you

    Well, I need your insight if possible.

    Im going thru a lot of stress lately, finally my life as settle down when it comes to work and now I don't have the worry of not having a job anymore, so we decided to have a baby, we have been delaying this for so long because he can't naturally impregnate me so we need to do it with medical assistance.

    The thing is: like we say one thing never comes along, this will bring a lot of stress in me, because Im already 40, im on the dead line to do this, and these last years I've been dealing with a lot of health issues, that are not serious but are very uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating.

    And on top of this my in laws are in need of special care and the institutions are full which means that they will end up living with us and this will definitely not help us. But we have to do what we have to do.

    What I need is: do you see us having a baby and the pregnancy going okay. do you see my in laws living with us?

    I know,, these are questions that might not have an answer but this is a big step that Im taking and to tell you the truth Im so scared.

    thanks sweetie.

  • Hi Mariapisces,

    Glad to hear the work situation has become more stable for you and I hope that it is also fulfilling. It's not a small thing to go home at the end of the day feeling as though you were productive and that you spent your time doing something you are good at.

    With regard to the baby, I am getting that you will have a child. I am also getting, however that what is important for this to happen is for you to learn to relax and not worry so much. Peace. Balance. Focus on this instead of the thoughts that bring stress to you.

    I also want to share something with you I heard the other day about life and how we perceive our paths. Most of us want life to be a train ride. We get on the train, the track is set before us and we move forward full steam ahead until we reach our destination and get off. But life is a sail boat. We get on, and each day we check the weather - which way is the wind blowing, where is the current taking us, are the waters choppy or smooth, etc. Let's face it - choppy waters are a part of life for all of us no matter what. It's the choppy waters that make us strong, teach us our life skills, and give us the great stories of our lives. They are also what teach us to enjoy the times of smooth sailing even more. We can set goals in our lives, and take action to move forward in their direction, but never forget that we are not completely in charge and we must learn to allow ourselves to veer in the direction the wind takes us.

    So my point is that with having a child, taking care of your in-laws, etc. is all a part of life. Yes, there may be stressful or difficult times, but there will also be a richness that you would not have experienced otherwise. Children are a lot of work, but most parents when you ask them will tell you of the joys they bring. Caring for the elderly can be difficult, but if approached with love and compassion I think it can also bring another layer of love you would not have otherwise experienced.

    In every situation in life there is a choice to move towards the path of love or toward the path of fear. Fear can often show itself by our need to control - planning everything down to the last detail. The path of love would be to move forward without knowing the outcome - to trust that no matter what happens you will be taken care of, guided and protected.

    Your post is asking for reassurance that everything will be ok. This is something we all want to know and is a natural reaction to impending change. The only guarantee I can give you is that there will be ups and downs and that if you accept this - learn to sail in the direction the wind takes you - it will be much easier to enjoy every experience life offers you.

    I feel like your health issues - although minor, can be a nuisance and draining to you. Look into the book "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay. Feels like your fear is creating most of your health issues. This book may be of help to you.

    Good luck and Congratulations - for what you have now and for what you will be creating for yourself in the future 🙂

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  • I was getting that I will get pregnant but with the recent changes I was letting my fear control me; so I freaked out, this is something that I always wanted, but people keep demoralizing me, saying Im too old, etc.

    Im afraid of not being able to take care of everything that is being thrown at me and you are so right Im perfectly aware of it: Im letting my fear run me in some situations, years ago I experience what is to do a stroke and every time I feel the same symptoms, I get so anxious and this starts to control me. I know I don't have anything and Im controlling it the best I can right now. My main prob regards health right now are my allergies and my IBS, the IBS plays a big role on the allergies and on the anxiety and its other way around, lol. yep this can be very draining, the pain sometimes is excruciating.

    Anyway,,, I wanna thank you so much, you brought tears to my eyes, what you said is what I feel towards life, we just need to give our best and with love in our hearts.

    PS I do have the Louise Hay book, it helped believe me I was way worse than this, lol.

    Many blessings to you

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