Hi Captain, would appreciate your insight

  • Hi Captain, Could you please do a compatibility reading between me and a guy that Im interested.

    my dob is April 8, 1985 and his is Nov 25, 1984.

    Thank you.

  • This can be an excellent combination of personalities for marriage or a long-lasting commitment. It is extremely compatible, both creatively and romantically, even possibly politically. However, although you are well suited to each other in a mutual zest for life and need for independence, you must consciously strive to achieve a dynamic balance between your high energy levels. You will have important differences in outlook, despite your shared passionate natures, that can strain the relationship unless you remain aware. Even so, this combination can be faithful, directed, upbeat, successful and romantic.

    The relationship will do best if it emphasizes what the two of you have in common (a general outlook) rather than your differences (in approach). For one thing, you Hll, will generally be more ambitious than your love interest, whom you may find curiously passive at times in career matters. Conversely, he has a strong ethical code, and may find serious fault with your tendency to get ahead at any cost. Should you ever indulge in amoral or outright immoral behaviour, he may be disapproving or judgmental, and in an extreme case, may abruptly end the relationship. If your love affair can survive the risk of early burnout, your marriage would be outstanding. So it's best for you two to try to take things slowly - no easy task for such passionate individuals, however, but necessary.

    Friendship can also develop easily here and, if you work together, you will interact intensely with your co-workers, or at home with other family members. But your shared need to be at the centre of things and the competitive nature of the relationship can lead to disturbing conflicts, regardless of how stimulating it may be in furthering group actions. Friction here can spark a fire but also just a lot of smoke. Direct your energies in a positive direction and try to find the middle ground between results and ethics. If your resolve to achieve concrete results is too inflexible, Hll, you may clash with your LI's requirement for fairness and independence.

    Good luck!

  • thank you Captain. what a wonderful reading. 😉

  • on a different note, Captain, do you see if we got married within a year? or better, marry by the end of this year? Anything else should I know about this guy?

    what you said about me is right.. I tend to be more aggressive and ambitious. I will be careful when I discuss such matter with him.. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • Please take my advice and proceed slowly - rushing into marriage will only bring you heartache.

    This guy has workaholic and perfectionistic tendencies, so consequently he can have some very high expectations and ideals when it comes to affairs of the heart. Sometimes these expectations can be so high that they are impossible to attain. But he is just as hard on himself as on other people. He must learn that simply feeling and being happy with someone really is good enough and quite sufficient reason enough to build a life with them.

  • sounds just like him. bravo! thanks Captain!

  • Having another question related for you, Captain... hope to have your insight.

    The thing is me and this guy, we have a mutual guy friend W. I wanted to ask for W's help (in a subtle way) to get closer to the guy I mentioned earlier in the post. I was wondering how W feels about me and if he would help me on this matter. his dob is April 18, 1985. We used to be very close but since we graduated, we havent talked much. But somehow I know I can count on him on many things.. not sure about this one though. its kinda delicate. Would appreciate your insight. Thank you, Captain.

  • My impression that W sees you as a sort of sister but I feel he would not like to involve himself in something he could see as dishonest or sneaky about getting you closer to this guy. In fact, you yourself should not engage in any sort of 'back door' tactics - just go up and engage your love interest in a chat and go on from there.

  • it makes sense.. a sort of sister. sounds right. Thanks Captain.

    Also, since you mentioned, how would my love interest react if I approached him in a romantic way? And how does he feel about me in general?

  • Do you feel if my love interest is interested in someone or dating someone at the moment?

  • I feel that work might hold his interest at the moment, but you could try for some gradually increasing friendship.

  • thanks for the insight, Captain. i will hold for now.. wait and see.

  • Hi Captain - another question regarding this man... do you feel if he has any love interest??

  • Yes, but I feel it is moving to an end.

  • happy to know.. evil me 😜 Thanks for the reply, Captain. Always wonderful.

  • Hi Captain, sorry to bother you again.. still have a question regarding this man... do you see us being a couple/ in a serious relationship by the end of this year? whats your take on our relationship? Thank you.

  • The result is not yet clear - this guy can feel torn between wanting a stable and secure love life and family life, and a problem with commitment. By the end of the year, he may have come closer to making a decision. Have you made it clear you would like to deepen the relationship?

  • thanks for the reply. Captain. I cant speak for him, but what you said about him, somehow I could relate very well. I would like to deepen our relationship and see how it goes, but just like him. im also kinda torn between him and another guy. My ex-bf is coming back to my life. Im not getting any younger and do wanna get married soon so my parents would stop worrying and nagging...

    Another question - besides his commitment issue, do you feel if he is a loyal partner? Does he like flirting with girls even when he has a gf?

  • Yes, I feel he can be quite flirtatious - it's in his nature but he doesn't take it seriously.

    And you do know you shouldn't get married just to satisfy your parents? If you do get together with this guy, it sounds like a less structured relationship would suit you both better than marriage, because of your shared commitment issues.

  • Captain- I never asked before... but how does this man feel about me? his thoughts about me?

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