What are you thankful for 111

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  • I am thankful for each day, and the beauty around me. I am thankful for my life and my children. I am thankful for the love of my family and that I at this age, still have both my parents.

    Love and Light to everyone!

  • Thankful for being able to,post and be here and aware of all the good around.

    Ramonita, i hope you come back soon and are recovering wonderfully. Take care. Xx

  • znl,

    i am finally back, i was in the hosiptal until the 26 of august, i am thankfull that i had a very good surgeon, in the operation my lungs got full of water, i had a trak done and a peg, i was in rehab thirteen days, honestly i dont wish this on my worst enemy, i would rather seend them blessings, thank u girls for your prayers, without god i dont think it would be posible i would be writing today,i have been home since the 26th o august, just no energy to sit and write.

  • Hi Ramonita, thankful to see you posting!! 🙂

    I arm Glad it is behind you, so glad you came back and yes it is a serious operation but your strength helped you and then The spirit was looking over you. Xxoo

  • Ramonita,

    So glad you made it through and are now home in your own comfortable surroundings. The healing phase is much more painful than the actual surgery. Take it one day at a time and be gentle with yourself. Lots of rest, get up and around for short walks, eat something light healthy and comforting like some good old fashioned chicken soup.

    Let us know how you are progressing.

  • Do you remember when president Clinton went through that andd shared how hard and painful it was after the surjary. So, as water girl mentioned be very patient w your progress and your energy level. Ex co worker of mine who went through this about the same time as you did and interesting enough he was in the hospital the same amount of time as you were and then he went to be w his family after so that they could take care of him. Talk soon! Xx

  • Ramonita - thinking of you and hope you are doing well with your recovery...

  • Hi Ramonita,

    I have been off for a while, and didn't realize you were ill. Hope you are recovering welll! Love and light to you!!

  • Hi Ramonita,

    I have been off for a while, and didn't realize you were ill. Hope you are recovering welll! Love and light to you!!

  • Looking for Ramonita 🙂 come back soon and give us your update. Hope you are feeling good and recovering nicely. I was thinking you should get an iPad or another type of tablet so it is on your lap and with you. So much more easier than a laptop.

    Thinking of you. Xx

  • Imam thankful for the weekend and for renewed friendship and family.

  • I am thankful that full moon and eclipse is over!

  • The sunlight, the breeze, the crisp morning air...

  • I am thankful for a Beautiful Sunday filled with friends, family, good food, visit and such. Now back to,reality!

    Ramonita, thinking of you! 🙂

  • Thinking of you Ramonita! Hope you are safe and sound. I hope Andrew is away from you and your family.

  • Come back Ramonita! Thinking of you...

  • Thankful for my children and for being alive! Grateful for the person I am and what I have learned during my lifetime. Grateful for my children's father, for my children would not be who they are if it wasn't for him. Grateful for family and friends.

  • Thankful for a lovely Sunday spent with family and friends and now home safe and sound!

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