Newbie requesting for assistance in explaining first reading.

  • I'm new to this and if you want to read a little of my background as to why I asked the question below and did my own reading, please view the topic: New Member Welcome, on the last page 11, with my user as Tassie (probably important to read to understand my question fully).

    I asked: What would happen if I am Psychic? Or basically, Am I psychic/a Shaman? Or Should I practice opening my mind to see my full Psychic powers? I did the Celtic Cross by Anna-Marie Ferguson's theory of what each placement meant (I'm quoting this part because I see different versions of the placement meaning slightly different things). My Signifier card is the Chariot (symbol of King Arthur riding his chariot during his greatest battle of Mount Badon because of how my personality is). Here is my outcome:

    Position 1: The Hanged Man

    Position 2: The Empress

    Position 3: Death

    Position 4: Temperance

    Position 5: Seven of Shields

    Position 6: 8 of Shields

    Position 7: 9 of Shields

    Position 8: 10 of Shields

    Position 9: 5 of Cups

    Position 10: The Hierophant

    Anna Marie states the following positions means:

    1. Indicates the relationship to the present situation.

    2. Represents the positive forces or assets in favour.

    3. Can be viewed as a message from the "higher self" or reflect the person's potential and aspirations.

    4. Represents the preoccupation of the subconscious which filters into waking life, affecting moods and outlook. This is the underlying theme of dreams and emotional undercurrent of querent's life.

    5. Represents past events and influences that colour and give rise to the current situation.

    6. Represents the state of the querent's relationship with others.

    7. Indicates the querent's psychological state and attitudes which can greatly affect the outcome of the matter.

    8. Represents the environment and unseen forces influencing the situation.

    9. Indicates the hopes and fears of the querent.

    10. The outcome.

    If you need more info, please let me know.

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    I think you have a very interesting question..

    please explain what shields means? the swords?


  • Hi HighPO9! Thank you for responding. I looked over Anna-Marie Ferguson's booke, A Keeper of Words, for the definitions of the cards I pulled. Some of them I understand; however, I don't know how to interpret what the surrounding cards mean to each other (weather they cancel each other out or empowers one...?).

    Basically... Does this mean that if I pursue with Psychic abilities, I will end up being the Shaman or very strong? I'm curious as to the Death card (don't worry, I'm not afraid of it). Is that my higher guardian trying to tell me something? To let go of my fears if I decide to continue on this path? THANK YOU!

    (Signifier) The Chariot: Triumph, victory. Leadership of a large organized effort. Dedication to a cause. Defensive strength; control or direction of turmoil. Maturity. Possessing the strength of one’s convictions. A need to remain focused and keep emotions in check. Conscious effort to overcome (if only temporarily) internal conflict in order to accomplish the task at hand. Controlling a situation of conflicting sentiments. Overcoming obstacles through perseverance and strength of will.

    (Position 1) The Hanged Man: Restriction; self-sacrifice. Championing the noble cause of others. Feeling drained of energy and resources. Suspension of plans. Seeming to have no control over the events of one’s life. A wise and sometimes temporary surrender in order to conserve energy. Enduring self-sacrifice as a part of initiation. The experience and teachings of recent trials renews a sense of peace and heightens the feeling of being alive. Intuition and psychic abilities are attuned through suspension.

    (Position 2) The Empress: Beauty, intelligence, and spiritual strength. Renewal, creativity, and good public relations. A wise and decisive businesswoman. Maternal feelings and fertility. A kind and charitable woman who instills confidence and nurtures others. An accomplished person with an appreciation of the arts. A responsible, active member of the community. Self-sacrifice for the benefit of others. Peace and harmony, motherhood, progress, and prosperity. An admirable woman and inspirational role model who adheres to her own values.

    (Position 3) Death: Death and rebirth. Transformation. The illusion of deaths, separating the self from past in order to start anew. The end of an era or relationship. A major and necessary change in lifestyle, giving a sense of freedom and renewal. A sudden and involuntary change raises fears of the unknown, but ultimately stimulates growth and generally heralds the dawn of a positive cycle.

    (Position 4) Temperance: Moderation, patience, and diplomacy. Consistent behaviour. Successfully mixing two different attributes of the personality. The balance of passion and reason guards against extremes. The art of bridging the spiritual and mundane worlds. The visionary tempered with self-discipline is able to communicate ideas and better cope with life. The synchronized conscious and subconscious enable psychic insights to be applied to physical life, bringing a sense of harmony and progress. Clairvoyance and visionary art.

    (Position 5) Seven of Shields: Treasures. Bounty. Ingenuity and perseverance bring great gains. Successfully handling a challenging and complex situation. Patience and restraint prove to be appropriate. The steady, methodical removal of obstacles. Concentrating and completing one task at a time allows for safe progress to greater heights.

    (Position 6) Eight of Shields: Employment. Commissions. Craftsmanship. The positive, productive use of one’s skills. Focusing one’s energy on work. Employment that brings self-satisfaction. Intense labour. A creative endeavour. Learning a new skill or trade. Having modest attitude toward accomplishments. Enjoying work and the rewards it brings.

    (Position 7) Nine of Shields: Prudence and discretion. Foresight brings success. Adhering to one’s values. Discernment and personal honour. Accomplishment by way of good-will towards others. Diplomacy and patience. Following through on plans. Honouring a promise. Fulfilling obligations. Popularity. Receiving and enjoying rewards.

    (Position 😎 Ten of Shields: Wealth and prosperity. Enjoying home and family. Sharing good fortune with one’s kin. Maintaining a family tradition. Benefiting from security and prominence established by predecessors. Inheritance. Affluence and riches. Enjoying the rewards and celebrations that follow the completion of a mission. Clan gatherings. Participating in traditions.

    (Position 9) Five of Cups: Partial loss. Loneliness, disappointment, and sorrow. Heartache. Rejection. An empty marriage or romance. Being let down. Unfulfilled hopes and dreams. An unexpected change of plans. Unfair treatment from others. Frustration. A need to acknowledge a loss and focus on what blessings one still has.

    (Position 10) The Hierophant: A person with experience he or she is willing to share. An authority. A kind and generous mentor who nurtures a spiritual awareness. A medium to a higher plane. Advocate of tradition. Blessings, education, religious ceremony. Initiation. Drawing comfort and security from one’s roots. Laying a foundation for a belief system. Encouragement to explore the framework of religion or doctrine. Feeling constricted by the attitudes of society as a whole. Pressure to live up to the expectations of others. The traditional interpretation of the card is orthodox behaviour, conforming to a system or organization.

  • Please explain the shields card- what do they repesent: coins or swords or wands?

    what are they?

  • if you explain what I asked you I can give you the interpretation of this on my blog.

  • Oh! I get it- hahaha. Sorry. OK, Sheilds represent: Pentacles, Disks, Coins, earthly material plane. Symbolic of security which brings stability and provides a foundation upon which one may build. Associated with the earth and the season of winter.

    Cups: Cauldrons, vessels, the life force or creative energy. Cups are symbolic of the womb and are the feminine counterparts to the masculine Spear. Associated with water and the season of Summer.

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