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  • Ok this is the deal, i was enjoying the single life u know the usuall go out club bar watever. then i moved to a new spot, i tried to keep with my routine but soon reality hits work school bills wat else right. I'm the type of person who lijkes to live in the moment <or so="" im="" told="">So i guess I have the tendency to create memorable moments when i am with some one. Welll if u cant see wher ethis s going here it is, after i started how would u say doing my grown man i met her my beautiful is wat I call her. she everything and more then i would think i would ever find in a women. heres where my problem comes in, once we started to talk I started to act diffrent <so i="" was="" told="">cutting off friends or submitting to a whole lot of shyt i would never do in my right state of mind. <this 3="" is="" after="" the="" yrs="" and="" some="" change="">around the first month of the 3nd year is where it got live her x gets out fo jail, we all know the rest< ex lovers eneded on "Bad Terms"> so boom they enede up messing around and me and her brake up. idk how i end up gettn back with her, know things seem to be better then before..........but now i gettn the feeling I had the first time we broke up, im feeling alot of emotions and i dont understand anyone of them.......NERVOUS CUX IMGHT LOSE HER, MAD THAT I MIGHT GO THRUGH THIS AGAIN AFTER THE FACT I TOOK HER BACK , PISSED CUX IF IT DOES END THE SHYT WE ALL GO THROUGH AFTER BRAKE UPS and the one that gets me the most is that ill still love her to the point i would still try to get her back<should i="" leave="" her="" alone="" all="" together="" or="" try="" to="" work="" things="" out?="">..........any advice inthe situation would be grateful</should></this></so></or>

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  • She came back to you, right? Enjoy it! If you worry about it, she'll leave again to maybe never return.

  • OK, there was a big breach of trust. It's hard to forgive and forget. You obviously forgave her. But there's other issues that you see yourself falling into. Sounds like you totally act different around this person and do things you would not normally do. Example: put up w/alot of ...

    If you want my honest opinion, time to move on. Find someone that you can be yourself around. There are alot of prettty women. Try to figure out why you feel like you have to lose yourself to be w/someone.

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