Tarot card reversed meanings

  • i use a crowley deck...i dont have any books that tell me reversed meanings. an experienced tarot reader told me that she does not use reversals because she believes that all cards have their opposite within the deck, and if that energy is present, than the card reflecting the energy will appear.


    i have a hard time sticking to this. i always feel like i should understand what the reversed meaning is, especially when i am feeling negative and get a positive card reversed---its rather hard to believe that the positive energy reflected in the card is present and true when im feeling crappy and the card appears reveresed.

    what are your opinions on reversals?

  • It really dependsa on the card. I tend to agree with the tarot reader it really hard to say a positive card is negative. Reverse card such as in people cards may indicate for a queen rev is actualy a male that possess the qualities of the queen. But it may take jsut a little time for it to manfest itself because A rev 12 which tell you to look at situation differently means what when rev. Don't look at it differently it just doesn't make sense to me. Just because you feel negative doesn't mean the situation you asked about would turn out negative for you. I use the witches tarot cards and I do know some books like the Aquarian deck talks about rev cards. Maybe they have a different view on them.

  • I was really struggling with the reversed meanings of cards, and the thing that I have always found difficult is that really a reversed card does not always mean that the meaning is a negative one. The book that I have found most helpful is Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack. Do yourself a favour and get your hands on it. It is an engaging book, and really gives you concrete help in looking at the possible meanings for the cards.

    Ultimately I believe that your cards will speak to you and present their meanings to you regardless of whether or not you have learned a text book meaning for any particular card in any particular layout in any particular combination. The cards are generally telling you a story and it is only in combination that it will become clear what they are wanting you to understand.

    Ironically it was comments like the last one I made that I found most frustrating when I was learning. The cards are,however more sublte than just one meaning or often just one interpretation.

  • Depending on the card...sometimes reversal is a warning not to fall into that particular negativity

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