Leo and Capricorn

  • Hi guys I am a leo. I was wondering if they are a good mix for the capricorns. I would love to hear some feedback from you guys. I have quite a few capricorn friends and I alwasy tend to attract male capricorns.

  • i am leo with scorpion rising. i have a blissful marriage with a cap. I don't always find male Cap attractive, I actually thought they were boring, always formal and work. but then I met hubby and I notice he is not as tense. Our first years were hard, but we love each other. I tend to play too far into lala land and he would pull me back to earth 🙂 he always wants to be the boss and was a bit inconsiderate at times, but I kept challenging every 'order' he gave me and finally he changed his tone. I really love him and I have no problem taking care of what needs to be done. but when I'm tired, I'm tired. he's gonna have to handle it himself. Life with him is stabil, he doesn't like too much gung-ho or fun. So if you love partying, gambling or shopping, you might not want a Cap. he doesn't mind all those now and then, but certainly not every weekend. If you always attract male Cap, well what are you waiting for? ask him for a date 🙂 shake the earth under his feet 🙂 they are earth sign, so they can be a bit stiff sometimes

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