Do Pisces prefer another Pisces in relationships and in

  • We are all comfortable with people with whom we share similarities, mannerisms, and perspectives. However, it has been my experience that Pisces men are more comfortable with and seek out Pisces women for relationships and even for friendships. As a Libra-Scorpio cusp woman with a Sag rising, I have no trouble attracting Pisces men with whom I am facinated (my father was a Pisces). However, my sensitive Pisces moon (perhaps another explanation for my attraction to Pisces men?) is hurt by being "Ms. Right Now" instread of Ms. Right. Even in the friendship realm, I am more of an aquaintance or play-mate than a friend with whom to share life's ups and downs. Any thoughts, advise, suggestions will be most appreciate!

  • The love of my life was a male pisces! We were connected on every level, but I have to say that I don't think I'd like to date another pisces. Mine broke my heart, and I broke his, according to family friends, etc.

    It is too intense, which is good in many ways, but can be horrific in other, more profound ways.

    BTW, I'm Cancer moon, Aquarius Venus. I know all about the sensitive moon (water signs) and how emotional we can be.

    I also know about being the right now kind of situation. With your pisces moon, you're intuitive, so feel your way through a relationship with a guy and if he is a pisces, ask him straight up where he wants a relationship to go. he'll probably swim about for a moment, and tell you. it's better to know right now, then several months down the line. we pisces can smell B.S. from a universe away, so use your senses and walk away if you need to. the right person, be it pisces or another awesome sign will come into your life forever 🙂

  • me, personally....i love pisces men. very warm, understanding, and playful (the ones i've met). but to be in a relationship with one? i'd hate it. they're wishy-washy n beat around the bush too much instead of being direct and straight forward. and i NEED that.

  • Ugg. Pisces men. Just got through with one and good riddance (no offense to other pisces here). I'm a Libra and this guy fancied himself as quite the Romeo. He went in an out of my life for a year. It kind of got to be my own little personal joke. Then all of sudden he got serious and asked me to commit. He even said that he had talked about me with his friends and family and could see himself having CHILDREN WITH ME. I was thinking..."uh, ok. I thought you were just kind of fun but maybe I misjudged you". Nope. Next day... not even 12 hours later the guy has a total meltdown and says that he so stressed about his work and he's just too over-committed with work at this time to have a relationship. I said, "ok, great. Thanks for letting me know...bye!" Next week, he called. Guess what? He made a mistake and he really really wants to try again. haha.... I asked him to really really think about that for two or three days and get back to me. He came back to say that he realized he was just too busy but was hoping we could be friends at least. I checked out his online dating profile in the meantime and he had changed it and spiffed it up and was online all the time! Too busy to date?? Yeah right. No thanks buddy. I have enough friends. Go swim elsewhere please. That's my experience with Pisces men. I don't usually judge anyone by a star sign but this guy was enough to make me really think twice if I were to ever date another Pisces man.

  • Not sure If I'm a little late here but from being friends with Pisces, I think some of them like the idea of being with another Pisces because its not a challenge. Thats not necessarily a good thing. But they do appreciate each other. I think Pisces and Pisces should jsut stay friends though. Or friends with benefits. They do seem to enjoy each other sexually. A relationship needs to grow and proper. Pisces with Pisces kinda just goes wherever.

  • a pisces male is rare in my life... i only known of 2 in my adventures here on earth. both are extremely lazy.....very artistic but lazy. promise the world then it becomes too much work to deliver.

    this is only pisces i know of though others could be different... i think a cancer male would be good if not to crabby towards pisces girl.

  • I have a few fellow Piscean friends, one or two of them are "close" and have never dated one, but I don't think I would ever enjoy it. Pisces can easily develop and absorb other personality traits from those around them - it took me a long, long time to begin to discern my own issues with this flaw. They're fun to talk to, about the weird, abstract, artsy things we like, but being truly emotionally or physically intimate with them (I am sun Pisces, but both ascending and moon in Gemini) would be quite a challenge for me personally.

  • i have a neighbor who is a pisces and I believe since I broke up with the gemini, he is pursuing something with me. Granted we have been friends since I moved across the street. Last year at this time we had a drunk attempt at 'sex' which we later regretted but got over it. Well, so I thought but last time we hung out, he brought it up again to which I said LET IT GO!

    I don't know about other Pisces men but he does seem lazy, he is a drunk and never has money. He is a GREAT dad though. And a good friend.

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