Confused and Scared--HELP!

  • I just did a tarot reading for myself. First time in a long time I've done so. Lately I have felt like somethings off. Don't really feel like myself. i thought maybe the tarot could help me resolve these feelings, or perhaps give me a clue as to what they were about. I did a 12 month spread to try to get some insight on what the upcoming months might hold. Everything seemed fine until I got to Feb. Feb's card was the Tower. I have always been afraid of this card, once before a couple years ago it showed up in a spread I did for myself and the results were not good. After seeing the card, I became immediately unsettled, wondering what in my life was a/b to collapse, and what bad things were gonna happen. After seeing the card, I did two more 3 card spreads to find out more, each time concentrating on a question. Everytime I shuffled the cards, the tower card fell out. My mom always told me that meant something. I am now freaking out and becoming paranoid a/b everything in my life-- i.e, could my husband be cheating on me, am i going to fail out of nursing school, is my mom sick?

    I am wondering if anyone can give me some more professional insight on this situation. I really need some help/advice. I don't know how to take the card falling out everytime, did I make it happen? Or are the cards trying to warn me of something terrible??

  • Hmm. Im not an expert tarot reader but I have had this happen too. Although it doesnt feel good to go through big catastrophic life changes sometimes they are necessary. My advice would be to stop letting fear and negativity be the driving force of your life. Did any of the surrounding cards give some ray of hope? Sometimes life has to get messy so we can clean it up. I feel that you need to use this time to focus on your inner strenths whatever they may be so that if and when something does occur you are prepared for it. was the other cards leading up to that pointing in what aspect of life needs your attention? You have a husband and are in nursing school those are two major responsibilities. You need to understand that should any of the horrible things happen that your fearing that things always turn around for the greater good. If something falls apart that is out of your control it may be that God wants to redirect your course in life and wants you doing his good works somewhere else. Its not easy to go through awful circumstances but if you have the holy spirit in you, you will always come out on top. Focus on the problem solver not the problem. Easier said than done. But you may start manifesting negativity into your life by dwelling on the what ifs. Hang in there and be strong!

  • sometime we can speak things into existance so you need to talk about positive things that could happen and not focuse on the negative. god will bring things to the light just know he has your best interest at heart. Pray about the negative things you are thinking about and the old saying is if you pray don't worry and if you are going to worry don't pray. Just know god in in control of all things. I 'm just trying to encourage you as well as myself I have to take the words that i give to you and use them myself. i pray that your marrage is strong and stays that way and the your mothers health is in tip top shape. Remeber no weapong form against you will prosper.

  • thanks for the positive comments, they were very helpful. I am a worrywart by nature. But I do pray, and i will pray a/b this. Thank you again for all your insights!

  • Professional reader here, and teacher for cough 30 years. Don't fear the Tower! The Tower is really a card of transformation. If you look at the pictures, esp. in the Thoth deck, you'll see figures of paper jumping out of the Tower. Those are the illusions that have to be detroyed, things that are doing you no good that are leaping out of your life. The fire, and there's usually fire pictured on most of the decks' versions, simply means burning away the chaff from the wheat.

    If you focus on the notion of transformation, rather than "something dreadful happening", you'll start to see it manifest. It is more of a sudden transformation - more like the work of sudden Uranus than slow moving Pluto, but the effects are long-lasting, like Pluto. But it is always precisely what you need.

    If you have a spirituality that involves prayer, ask for guidance and courage to see this manifestation, whatever it is, and to accpet it. It usually signals something that looks not so good on the surface... don't we all want to hang onto our illusions? They are what we "know". But the illusion falls apart and something much better and far sturdier and better for us all around takes its place. For me The Tower was getting turned down by a job in a city I desperately wanted to live in.... but getting to visit my loved one through a series of wonderful coicidences and hard work, which led to support for earning my Ph.D. overseas! In a university I'd only dreamed of attending in my wildest dreams, my childhood dreams, in fact. The Tower burned of the chaff of a perfectly ordinary job, and gave me the wheat of a life-changing, life-expanding educational opportunity to be with my fiance.

    So... never fear the Tower. Take advice from FDR and fear nothing but your fear! Good luck!

  • I totally agree seanymph,

    It is commonly refered to as the "silver lining to the cloud". To often we forget that if we dont change things that need to be changed the universe does it for us.. and it is very quick and sometimes very disruptive. But when the smoke clears and we are stronger we see the benefits from the experience. The tower is mearly telling you your life is about to go through huge changes.. new foundations will be formed. And from the lack of confidence you have in your relationship it sounds like it is needed. I also agree you need to look to cards around it. This will give you insite into what aspects the changes will take place in. I am getting that a very practical approach is needed. You really need to look to the positive as much as possible. Trepidation only causes stress and the feelings of doom are intensified.


  • The tower is nothing to worry about , it can mean freedom from old possibly self -imposed restrictions.Sudden disruptive change is nothing to be feared , since you will come through this experience a better and stronger person, I hope this will help . Blessed Luana White Witch.

  • Hello DZjess03:

    Never, Never second guess yourself. You are going to make your self paranoid schizzo...

    So the card fell on to your lap, has is anything happended to you yet? Why make more trouble coming your way when in fact all you need is GOD , pray to him, HE is the answer..I believe, do you?

    When or if the "Tower card" comes in to your sight, remember you are a strong individual you have "oneness" with GOD, HE is the answer. BELIEVE!

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