Living with The high priestess can change yout life

  • I've recently fallen for a male, high priestess. i call him that because that is his personal tarot card. mine is the magician. at first, you might think these people are passive but sooner or later, they awaken you to something you have never expected.

    i've found a secret to dealing with him. meditation. i know, that's the last thing i thought i would be doing after falling for a guy. but the need to understand his energy has lured me into meditation. and now i get it. unlimited, untimed patience and openness is what i've learnt so far. if any of you get the priviledge of meeting a high priestess, share your story. they are one of a kind.

  • Hi, What if its the other way around? that you are the High Priestess and they are The Magician or something else? U know we need a thread that has this topic of combinations regard personal tarot cards.

    Personal Tarot card compatability?

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