Could Someone Clarify This?

  • I was hoping someone could do a reading on my current situation. I recently discovered that someone who has spoken negatively about me went behind my back and contacted some of my old classmates on social media. I think he was looking for more info so he could make fun of my shortcomings. I don't remember being the victim of any serious bullying when I was in school and remember feeling like I was included, most of the time. However, it has gotten back to me that some of my former classmates thought that I was "slow" and say that everyone made fun of me. Were my perceptions wrong? I also remember being a "teacher's pet," but apparently a teacher he contacted said "I knew when I was teaching her that there was something wrong with her brain." She also implied that I was learning disabled/mentally challenged. I really don't remember anyone saying things this mean while I was in school. I was a "big" (fat) kid and I do remember some comments about my weight. I also knew that some thought I wasn't too bright, but I really don't remember anyone using the "r" word to describe me or saying I was slow. Are my perceptions faulty or are they seeing things through meaner eyes? If this teacher thought I had a disability, why didn't she tell my parents, so they could get me some help? A lot of things don't add up.

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