Need advice on vivid dream

  • I had a vivid dream of my grandma a few months ago asking me a favor to painting someone. She mentioned the name but i don't remember. I was hoping I'd remember but instead I forgot about the request. The other I read my letter to my sister and there I wrote the dream which didn't have the name of the person I'm suppose to paint. Could someone help? Thanks.

  • The clear picture you are missing is "you".

  • Blmoon, so you're saying I am to paint myself? I abandoned painting for over 3 decades. It was impossible under the circumstances I was in. Now I'm in a different career although within the arts. Work in the US, as you know, is tough. I don't know why time is never enough. Painting needs a lot of concentration and time just psyching yourself to paint. BUt, I have picked up a pencil and doing some drawings to get back to it.

  • Glad you found what's been "missing". I do personally know the time and committment it takes to satisfy Art and daily life in a real world. I am a poet an artist and a musician. I have neglected this part of myself many times and spirit will remind you. I've found that we as artists stay committed more when we surround ourselves with other artists--otherwise it just seems not so important to most folks. Enjoy YOURSELF with childlike freedom and joy! Blessings

  • Blmoon, Thank you. I am surrounded with artists seeking my patronage. I am a gallery director. I write about art. These are attractive to artists. When I started drawing I found the process relatively easy compared to college days. I think I am stronger with my skills. I bought a canvas and one day it will be used. Thanks, again. I will continue.

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